Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some Tea?

Would you like to share some tea with me?

Imagine my delight when we got a special gift from Natima in Australia this week.
My boys exclaimed: "WOW! It's a teapot sweater, Mama!" While I was in tears, trying to figure out if I could wear this tea-cosy as a hat this winter! Thank you, Nat, from the bottom of my heart!

I missed Saturday Klosjes Report, because my Love arrived from South Africa after being away for work. This will be the first of many more such trips in the coming months and I am thrilled for him, and for us as a family, for the real possibility of being able to go along with him on one of his trips. Having our eldest son be of African descent, you can only imagine our excitement.

Here are 7 new Klosjes for this week. These are very special ones, made from the Delft Blue fabric given to me by Tineke. Bedankt, Tien! Aren't they cute? :)

One of my dearest friends from Canada in coming next week, just to hang out with me. Yeay!
So, I will excuse myself in advance, as I really don't forsee getting much stitching done while she is here.

For those of you who share my passion in Psychology and the marvels of the Human Brain, I recommend this series. I am enjoying stitching to them, more than I can truly express. ( I would love love love to discuss these with you later on, while stitching of course!)

So, will you sit awhile and enjoy some tea with me?

with much love,


  1. Oh my goodness, isn't the tea cosy wonderful and so is Nat for doing it for you. It fits your pot perfectly. Of course I always love to see your klosjes and they are lovely in blue.
    Have a great time with your friend.

  2. Never saw such a lovely tea-cosy before! How generous of Natima, lucky you ;>) Hand-made gifts are definitely the best ones ...
    Aaaah, this Blue Delft fabric collection is to die for, and your klosjes are C-U-T-I-E-S, as always.
    I have watched the first part of that psychology series : WOW, soooo interesting! Will watch 2nd part by next week. THANKS for the link, sweetie ;>)
    ENJOY your Canadian friends, I'm sure you're gonna live precious moments, this coming week !


  3. OOOOOPS ! Forgot to tell you I'm IN LOVE with your summer "sorbet" hexies ! It's so fresh and happy looking, can't wait seeing it all together ... Sorry for being a copy-cat, but I'll have to start collecting/cutting such fabrics in a big box - HEM... for next summer, of course ! HeeHee ;>)


  4. Wow again for the tea pot sweater!You will want to drink lots of tea now!

  5. Wat een schattige theepot.
    Leuke klosjes heb je er weer bij.

  6. Heerlijk!! Kopje thee!! Drink met je mee.
    Wat een schattige theepot warmer!!

  7. o,o,o, Val you will be sooo busy cleaning up your house now ;-). I hope you will have a wonderful time with your long-time friend from Canada.

    The tea-cosy is stunning! I remember a homepage with these, it may have been your friend's. Yours is too wonderful to have friends making these gorgeous presents for you.

    The klosjes....well, what can I say...they remind me of their brothers and sisters overhere LOL

    Happy sunday!
    PS...I decided AM going to you-know-who this week. Keep your fingers crossed for me plse :-)

  8. I really love this wonderful tea pot sweater,so fun. Congrats for Nat.

  9. gorgeous, simply gorgeous! Never seen a tea pot so well dressed!!

  10. Ooooh, what a gorgeous theapot sweater!! ;0))
    Nat did a wonderful job!! It looks so cute!
    Ik hoop dat je deze week heel veel tijd en gezelligheid hebt om ervan te genieten!!
    En je klosjes zijn ook al van die schatjes!
    Lief, he, zulke blogvriendinnen!!
    Geniet ze, lieve schat!! Een dikke knuffel voor jou, Ria.

  11. Valentina, the teapot sweater looks great on your blog. Come over and see it on my blog too. I'm glad it fits your teapot perfectly. Enjoy a cuppa tea - Love your blue klosjes - Hugs Nat

  12. A sweater for a teapot!! That is just such a funny description and so apt. Out of the mouths of babes. It is beautiful. Could start a new trend in hats. Love the klosjes, they are so pretty. Well done my girl.
    Love Shirley.x

  13. Such a gorgeous and unusual tea cosy. It is stunning. You are making good progress on your klosjes, well done!
    Enjoy your week with your friend

  14. Valentina , that is the most adorable tea cosy I have ever seen and it would keep that tea nice and hot too ! Your klosjes are lovely as well , the blues are so pretty .Have a lovely visit with your friend and I'm having a cup of tea now with you ;-0
    Hugs Sheila

  15. Wat een prachtige theemuts. Het is een genot om naar te kijken wat zal de thee daar lekker warm in blijven. Je hebt weer prachtige klosjes gemaakt van een heel speciale stoffen. Erg leuk.

  16. Wat super dat je die theemuts kreeg! Ik heb haar weblog al even gevolgd en zag de theemutsen daar en ook de boekjes waar ze uitkomen. Het is gewoon kunst toch? Je klosjes zijn mooi, leuk die stofjes.

  17. Hi Valentina
    Love your blue klosjes, and your teapot is SO gorgeous!!

  18. Kom maar op met die thee: heerlijk zo'n fantastisch warm gehouden bakkie thee! Enne: mocht je naar ZA gaan: heel veel plezier daar. Zou fantastisch zijn voor je oudste zoon, maar ook voor jullie, verwacht ik. Veel plezier komende tijd met je vriendin! Enne, ohja: je klosjes zijn weer mooi. Hoever ben je?

  19. I am enjoying a radio programme here in England, called All in the mind.I shall be checking out your link too.

  20. That tea cozy is so cute! Nat is a very clever lady. Your Klosjes are lovely and isn't it nice to have a few "special" ones made from fabric given to you by friends. Have fun with your visitor next week and hope you get to go to Africa very soon.

  21. Valentina, amiga, thank you so much for the link to the Charlie Rose videos. I watched the first video in this series and an hooked. Truly fascinating. I recently finished the book Brain Rules, by Joseph Medina (molecular biologist) - have you heard of it? So interesting. Thank you for sharing!

  22. I'm not sure if you ever have a time without flowers but now you can always have them on the brekkie table. You are fortunate. Perhaps I should put in my order for one when I comment on Notjustnat.
    The klosjes are beaut. A special sort of blue.
    Enjoy your visitor.
    Have a good week.

  23. A teapot sweater. ;) I love this treasure, Valentina. Oh my friend, I do, I do, I do!!! I'm *into* crochet so I can imagine the effort and love that went into making it. If I could create something as lovely as this work of art I definitely give it to you. You're such a sweetheart.

    The Klosjes - perfect coloring. Love those! I'm still going as well... Not as many as you but nearing 200 so we build on. Hugs, *karendianne.

  24. What a cute tea pot "sweater"! Full of sunshine!
    Lovely klosjers too. Have a great time with your friend!

  25. Your tea cosy really made me smile. What a delightful one.


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