Saturday, September 4, 2010

Klosjes Saturday once more!

It has been a few months since a Klosje got made around here. At times it was so hot this summer (even inside with the AC on) that I couldn't even hold the tiny pieces and the tiny needles and pins. I have an embarrassing problem with sweaty palms which... well.
Anyway, I took my Klosjes to Provence after being super inspired by Tineke and Marieke's work.

Nadine wanted some help with hers, and seeing her beauties coming together into sections.... THAT WAS IT! :)  Klosjes got made on our last day there, on the plane, and ever since! So after 30-plus new ones, I have reached 351 Klosjes from the intended 500.
I think I will continue making these strips for now,
until I am sure my colour distribution is somewhat even...
but they are looking nice, right?
 Tineke and Nadine can you spot your Klosjes?

And the best news for me is that I started putting some rows together and it was delightful! I was pleasantly surprised how fairly easy it goes.
So Bring On Klosjes-Saturdays again!

And being Saturday morning I can imagine The Arles Fresh Market will be looking something like this.... Shall we go get some fresh produce together?

Lovely Herbs...

And Spices
A variety of Garlics and Onions
Any Olive your heart desires

Some cheese, perhaps?

And have a lovely Weekend wherever you are!

Then we stroll back home

Enjoying a lovely juicy peach
 as we plan a simple lunch and what we will stitching later on...


  1. Well done with your klosjes; isn't it so motivating to see the piles (lines) grow!! Yours are looking really good. Have a great weekend

  2. Lovely Klosjes Saturday Valentina. The colour is scrumptious together. The reds and blues are certainly blend well. I love market produce and the olive is to die for (I'm a true Greek DIL who love olives) - Hugs Nat

  3. Goedemorgen Valentina, wat woon je in een prachtig land, met zulke intense kleuren.
    En,.... wat zijn je klosjes geweldig!

    Lekker voelt dat hè, rijen klosjes die door je handen gaan,...

  4. I wondered when you would start piecing the klosjes together....I have made two hexagaon quilts, and still have one top to quilt, so have an idea what you are in for...have :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  5. WOW, WOW ! These klosjes are gonna make such an awesome quilt, won't they ? ;>) Just LOVE them, and I'm planning serious progress on mine, too - thanks to you and your kind help/inspiration, while in Provence...
    Still haven't sorted out our own pictures, but seeing yours is pure delight and sweet memories of those funny days all together ;>)

  6. O.o.o. Valentina, your klosjes are the cutest - I told you before and I tell you again. Can't wait to see them in real :-)
    Yes, I DO spot my skinny one between all those well-fed ones! But it fits, that's for sure...

    I loooove your mouth-watering pictures ... (almost) non-fat. I'll be heading for the market in an hour or so. The market in Mainz is not exactly Arles, but with some imagination and your pictures in my head it will come a long way. The weather is sunny here and there are loads of beautiful flowers right now, so maybe I will bring my camera .

    Take care and see you real soon!

  7. Wat leuk dat je de klosje weer opnam.
    Mooie foto's laat je ons zien

  8. Zo herkenbaar al je prachtige foto's van Frankrijk,geniet ik nog even na ,misschien mag ik wel in de binnenzak van Tineke mee naar Cyprus,heel eventjes maar ik heb nog veel te doen,groetjes Bep

  9. Your klosjes are so beautifull. Nice colors and nice rows you made. And you have already 351 ones your on the way! The pictures of the markets are so beautifull. Have a nice weekend.

  10. Valentina, your klojses are fantastic!! You did a great job on them. Love your hexies and clamshells, too! I so enjoyed the pics that you shared of Provence--it looks magnificient! I'm glad that you had a good time. I hope the boys settle in well to their new school year.

  11. I'm still loving seeing all your klosjes grow & you've been busy since your return!

  12. Good to pick up the klosjes again. Autumn is coming and it seems that we get so much more energy to do something. A hot summer makes us lazy.
    The market looks so fantastic. The products are all so colourful. Should be a great inspritation for some quilts.
    Have a lovely week end!

  13. The peach looks delicious, it won't be long before we get our summer fruit. Good for you getting back to klosjes, me not so well as you but keep going, they look fabulous in their rows.

  14. You did good on your klosjes! I like the colors so bright and fresh. Mine are way, way, way back on a shelf in my quilting studio. Have to finish other projects first, and then... Or maybe I can do 1 klosje every Saturday? hmm have to think about that option.

  15. Valentina, I'm in heaven admiring these pics! I really, really want to visit there! Someday you'll have to fill me in on details so I can plan to go! The smell must be lovely, I would imagine, from the lavender and all the herbs? But then again, there might be nasty things being sold right around the corner, at least in my experience with outdoor markets. And I LOVE those klosjes - very pretty!

  16. Tjongejonge: je bent al heel ver! En je rijen zien er mooi uit. Zo blijft het wat afwisselend: wat klosjes maken en wat rijen maken. Geniet ervan, dan geniet ik even van jouw foto's.

  17. What a gorgious klosjes!! Love all those colours!
    And your lovely pictures........ WOW! And very yummie!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!! ;0))

  18. Very cute klosjes, love the colors! Love the photos from the market in Arles! The herbs, the spices etc. I do miss the Greek olives available in Norway. Here there's another kind of olive; bigger and so darn sour!! :(( lol

  19. Your photos are the best! Best armchair travel...for a mom who seldom gets beyond the local Walmart! Ah, that Provence market looks like heaven...especially for a culinary dreamer! The klosjes are just wonderful...I like the chunky dimensions...look substantial! Colors are a delight...and so happy they are going into rows...we love watching the journey! Keep the photos coming...hugs and happy stitching!

  20. Hey!!! Well done, already 351 plus??!! They all look so wonderful!! Thanks for the market photo's, only thing missing is the sound of carts ratling, l'hirondelles screaming high in the air, the smell of the lavander, the olives hmmmm, the herbs, the spices, ooff, such great joy to be able to walk on such a market!!!! Think I will dream of it tonight!! XXXD

  21. Dan ben je dus al over de helft van de klosjes! Woooow toch!
    Hmmm ... ik ruik de kruiden, de lavendel, de kaaaaaaaaaasssss!

  22. Delicious spools and peaches...bit early for summer fruits here...enjoy!

  23. Valintina Good Sunday Morning
    I tried to post last night which would have made me the First: LOL but blogger was having none of it. So I've had a sleep and have my first coffee to share with you.
    So pleased for your completion of over half your klosjes. They are looking nice and fresh together . Just like the yummy peach.
    Beautiful photos. Thankyou for the walk

  24. The klosjes are really coming along and looking so pretty.

    Thanks for including the pics of the market in your part of the world. So intriguing.

  25. Wow! 351 klosjes! That's amazing. They look so beautiful. Is that some of your Dutch fabric?
    What a market! I can only imagine the wonderful simple meal you can make from such lovely ingredients.

  26. Your Klosjes look fantastic Valentina, it will be no time before you have reached your target.

    I am drooling and wishing I was there when you were shopping at that wonderful market.

  27. Hello Valentina,
    I am trying for a second time as my last comment disappeared off the radar - my fault I fear.
    The klosjes look good and well on the way to becoming a beautiful quilt. Love all the photo's of the market. The French Markets are just so fabulous and colourful. What great inspiration for colour schemes.

  28. Your klosjes are fantastic and I lvoe the rows put together! Very smart of you to start them!!
    I wish we had something close to your outdoor market! I'm so jealous!!

  29. Hi Valentina

    Your klosjes are so beautiful!! Now I think..wy not first I must ending my Hexi-Quilt;))
    Wish you a good Week-Beginning!! Rita

  30. Klosjes are looking fantastic V!!
    ..and those open air markets... Oh wow, I wish we had something like that here... how I'd love to shop like that, taking all the sights and sounds and smells...YUm!!!
    Thanks as always for sharing. xx

  31. That market is incredible!! Congrats on the Klosjes progress - the rows look wonderful.

  32. Another lovely post with lots of goodies Valentina! You are moving right along with the Klosjes. Looking good!

  33. I'm not sure which I enjoyed seeing more -- your lovely Klosjes or the food market goodies. It's a toss up. Both are eye openers.
    You set quite a goal for yourself with 500 Klosjes, and you're making fantastic progress. We definitely need a break now and then from the larger projects.

  34. Your klosjes look so wonderful!! That is going to be an absolutely beautiful quilt.
    The market pictures make me hungry! Love the photo of all those gorgeous cheeses!

  35. Those rows look so bright and colourful ... well done!

  36. My sense of smell is in overdrive...olives, herbs, spices, cheese... The yum of it all!

  37. Wow, 30+ klojes, what a great effort. Your photos are delightful, makes me hungry just looking.


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