Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a few flowers for wednesday

I have been looking forward to this One Flower Wednesday as I have missed quite a few. I keep my hexi-pouch in my handbag and hexies continue to get made in the car before picking up the kids from school, waiting for students to arrive to classes and every time I get together with friends. Slowly more hexies get prepared and added to the pile.

I made these flowers using plain centres and I really like their 'charm' effect. I hope that once stitched together with the other charm hexies the flowers will not disappear into the can only hope!

I am really looking forward to a warm cup of tea, and a visit with my fellow gardeners!

Hoping you are all having some 'charming' moments this week!


  1. The solid middle looks super Valentina, very striking indeed. How are your diamonds going?

  2. Cutie, cutie flowers ;>) I just can't get enough of yours, they're so joyful and charming. Keep going, sweetie, this is going to be such a special quilt !
    (oops ! Didn't even know there is a sign in sheet ! I'd better post some flowers by next week ;>)

  3. Your flowers are indeed charming. I like the unique combination of fabrics in each one. I'm sure they won't be lost when the blocks are all together.
    It's so easy to skip posting about our flowers on a Wednesday or two--way too easy. Sometimes life just gets in our way.
    Enjoy your tea. I'm catching up with our fellow gardeners with my mug of coffee. Relaxing, isn't it?

  4. very pretty and I like the combination of colours you have.
    I like the way you made each petal a different colour. That's a good way of using up scraps of fabrics.

  5. Yes, I agree, the solid centre seems to make the flowers sing!! Lovely blooms!!

  6. i like the vibrancy of your thing is they shouldn't fade like picked flowers!

  7. You chose beautiful fabrics for your flowers. Charming.

  8. Your flowers are beautiful. I love the bold center colors. Very striking!

  9. You've made very pretty flowers this week.

  10. Nice flowers. I'm watching to see how your charm ones go together so Maybe some day I will start assembling mine. I can always hope.

  11. I love your charming flowers. And I am sure that will give a great quilt.

  12. Do not worry, they are too beautiful to disappear into the background and I love the look of plain centres.

  13. Lovely lovely flowers. And your clams look great too! Better late than never. That counts for me too...........

  14. OOoooo Lovely Valentina ... you have been busy :)

  15. Hi Valentina...I just now had the chance to take a look at all this week's flowers. Yours are SO colorful. And I enjoyed browsing your blog a bit too. I love how you describe fabrics as your crayons and your sewing room as your playground. That is exactly how I feel! (And I suppose many others do too.) Hope you have a nice week and weekend!

  16. The plain centre of the flowers looks great and I love how you have made the flowers so scrappy.
    Seeing so many different hexie makes me want to start several projects using the ideas I see at the garden party :-).

  17. I like the plain centres. They really set your flower colours to shine.

  18. Hi Valentina...Your flowers are so pretty.I just love the combinations of colours and fabrics.They are all made even more special with the plain centres,, Kate x

  19. Que lindassssss tuas flores.Amei de verdade.Parabens!!1



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