Saturday, November 20, 2010

Klosjes and Pinwheels

As we are rushing out the door to get our Christmas Family pix, first visit to the vet with Miss Daisy, buy a suit for daddy who's going on a business trip to Scotland on monday, stubborn me still wants to beat the odds and sneak in a show and tell:

I am crazy, I know!

ok let's make this fast:
20 Klosjes got made which means 464 Klosjes. Jippie!

and the pinwheels have grown this week, as well.

I actually think this is me putting off the inevitable questions: what I am going to wear? What can I do about my hair! ooooooooooohhhhhh!
ok, time to face the music!

looking forward to some time this weekend to visit with all of you!

seriously what am I going to wear?!


  1. Hi V, your klosjes looks devine. Do you iron them?? I will post mine on my blog as soon as I have counted them. They are soooooooo addicted. And the pinwheels lokks lovely. Why dont you post the instructions and measurements?? Would love to make one. Enjoy your weekend. It is my birthday today, I'm still in pjs waiting for breakfast. Love from South Africa.Zelda ♥

  2. Oh red klosjes, perfect! The puinwheels are wonderful too, I'm so glad you took the time to sneak this post in.

  3. klosjes are very festive Red
    The pinwheels are coming nalong as well. You seem to be back on a roll.

    Hope you were happy with whatever you found to wear.
    Was it a picture with Santa? or one for the grandparents?

    Have a good weekend Huggs T

  4. Wat een mooie klosjes heb je er weer bij.En de pinwheels ook al zo leuk.

  5. Lovely quick show and tell!! ;))
    What you should be wearing???? Most of the time we women know what flatters us..... or our DH's know.......???
    But as I know what a loving person you are; I quess that you will look great in everything!! ;0))

  6. Ik zie dat je ook nog steeds aan de klos bent.
    Ik ook hoor! Maar tussendoor worden er ook vele andere dingen gemaakt.
    Groetjes Berbel

  7. Love your "klosjes" - btw I've started making them, too. Just have to muster the courage and write a post about it - uhh!

    On the what-to-wear front - if I were you I'd seriously consider using the occasion of visiting clothes shops to stock up on something for yourself, too. It's only fair ;-)!

  8. Magnificent work. I love seeing what you have been making.

  9. Wat heb je al veel klosjes en wat maak je nog veel meer prachtige dingen. Mijn Aq ligt even stil in januari wil ik daar weer mee verder gaan ook ik heb teveel omhanden. Een heel fijn weekeinde.

  10. love all of your creations,and what to wear just your pretty face and sweet smile,xoxo theodora

  11. Between your hexies and klosjes you're going to have a fantastic quilts one day. Smile pretty for the camera.

  12. The klosjes are goooorgeous ! So nice of you for making some for me, sweetie ! LOL LOL
    Aaaaaah, THAT pinwheels quilt.... you're THE BEST ;>)
    Can't help with your question, as I'm still in my pj's, wondering the same. LOL LOL

  13. When in doubt...wear Red!!! That's my motto anyway. Love your klosjes...I must get back to mine soon, maybe this Winter. And the pinwheels quilt??? Be still my beating heart! Too Cute!

  14. Your klosjes are gorgeous. I am wanting to start making them very soon.

    I am asking myself the same question.

    Good luck and enjoy yourself

  15. Wear that jumper you love but have worn before; if you feel pretty you *are* pretty! (You are lovely no matter what you wear, I've not seen a bad photo of you yet!)

    Your klosjes look wonderful and the pinwheels are adorable!

  16. Beautiful klosjes - something I will make an attempt at some day. And I will be doing the same thing in about half an hour - what will I wear to the baby shower, what shoes, what earrings, arggghh! I need to get me some new clothes!

  17. Glad you made time to give us a sneak peek, Valentina. Always enjoy the quilty eye-candy. :-)

  18. Love all the red, white and blue!! Good luck on the pictures.

  19. Wat veel al! Oeps dan lijkt mijn bergje nog maar klein. En gaaf hoor, al die rode bij elkaar. Grappig he, dat we beide de zelfde kleuren kozen? Erg leuk die top met die pinwheels. Ik wil ook graag nog eens iets maken waarbij je met een midden blok begint. Dat lijkt me erg leuk werken.
    Have a great photo shoot!

  20. Het was weer leuk om hier rond te kijken en al die mooie werken te zien.
    Je klosjes zien er geweldig uit!

  21. Mooie klosjes er weer bij. En de pinweels zien er ook mooi uit! Succes met je besluit. En dank voor de felicitaties met het klosartikel. De Q&Z is hier nog niet uit. Ik ben benieuwd hoe het artikel geworden is. Jouw klosjes schieten trouwens al op! Tot hoeveel ga je?

  22. A lovely bunch of red klosjes Valentina! You are soon to reach your goal. And, the pinwheel quilt sure is a happy one!

  23. Your pinwheel quilt looks so great, but I also love the red spools. Hope, you did find some thing to wear ;-)) - I know, what you mean, I am just like you, when going out.

  24. Prachtige klosjes heb je weer gemaakt en je pinwheels top is ook geweldig mooi.
    Fijne zondag Hennie.

  25. Hallo Valentina
    Your Klosjies in Red-Withe are soo beautifull, and I reflect, to make Klosjies too!;)
    The Pinwheel-Quilt looks soo great!
    I hope, you find the some thing to wear!;)
    Have a good Week, Rita

  26. Great klosjes, and I love how the pinwheel is growing! Hope your wear red, don't know why, but I think it's your color..

  27. klosserdeklos...wat zijn ze toch leuk, vooral als je er al zoveel hebt en het een heuse quilt begint te worden. Je pinwheel is een schatje.

    En maak je geen zorgen over wat je aantrekt want je ziet er sowieso altijd stralend uit Val.
    Zien we elkaar in december?

  28. Klojses, hexies and pinwheels--oh my!! Everything looks gorgeous, Valentina!

  29. I love how the pinwheels are growing!! Your klosjes are very pretty as well. You will look good in whatever you choose to wear for your picture as long as you wear your beautiful smile :0)

  30. Oh gorgeous work Valentina. Love your completed pinwheels top. Good on you for being a truely committed blogger and sneaking in a quick post as you race out the door!!!


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