Wednesday, November 17, 2010

little treats

Today, I had some unexpected treats: a letter, just for me, all the way from Australia. Terry surprised me with some lovely charm squares of 'Down Under Flora and Fauna' fabrics. I was so happy, I had to make them into hexi-flowers right away just so I could show her, and since it is One flower Wednesday...

Now I have my very own Kangaroo crossing hexi and can you spot the Sydney Opera House? And can you see the outback pioneer-wagon?

My other treat was an unexpected Coffee break. I don't usually drink coffee, so it was decaf, but just as yummy... just by myself, and my hexies, since I suddenly found myself with unplanned 'in between' time before picking up the kids from school...

It really does pay off to have my hexies pouch with me. And today I also had my camera and my big  hexies bin, yippee!

So in total four more charm hexi-flowers with plain centres were added today. Thank you so much Terry! This is a real treat, and like I already told you, my charm quilt now has a piece of you and Oz in it!

and this is a happy song just for you!


  1. Looking so pretty! You have really persevered. How are the boys enjoying school this year? Michele

  2. Looks like you have been 'hexie'ing' along like I have. These things are so addicting. I just put a tutorial up on my blog and how to do it with plastic templates instead of paper if you are interested!
    Hugs to you!

  3. Lovely Hex flowers........ and what treat, a quiet cuppa.........

  4. Love those hexagons and what a great way to remember a kind act of friendship. Where would we be without that ever so humble hexagon?!!
    Love Shirley.x

  5. What fun hexies, will make a great I spy quilt.

  6. I'm so happy for you.
    Little treats from friends are so special in our lives, not only do they make us happy and thrilled like a child, but once we get the chance to use them in our quilts, they live forever and keep making us feel so blessed ;>)

  7. Your hexies look great. Love the way you used the Aussie fabrics.

  8. what a wonderful treat. That is a true special flower. It is so pretty with some of Australia's landmarks.

  9. Val thankyou for the Happy Song. A great treat with my morning coffee.
    So glad you enjoyed the scraps. Your Aussie flower is delightful.
    Glad I cheered your day and thankyou for the post Hugggggs

  10. What interesting fabrics!! They make great charm hexies and very pretty flowers :0)

  11. Gorgeous Aussie hexies - what a neat idea - I feel a swap coming on---an idea do you think???!!!

  12. Oh, being Australian, I LOVE all the Australian ones!

  13. A lovely gift turned into beautiful flowers! A very good day indeed.

  14. Nice bold charms from the Down Under Flora and Fauna fabric! That is really special to be able to include it in your quilt.

  15. Lovely hexies I particularly love the ones from AUstralia :)

  16. Jouw hexsjes maken het echt een beetje zomer hier,nou is het hier echt werkelijk prachtig met onze hefstkleuren ,maar de warmte van de zomer ziet er ook heel aantrekkelijk uit, fijne dag ,Bep

  17. Your posts are all so lovely...and inspiring! Thank you so much!

  18. I so agree with Nadine! Such gifts are really special! And you made them into beautiful hexi-flowers, so their love blooms forever!
    Love coming your way!!!!!! ;0))

  19. Je hexies zien er goed uit en je foto's ook! Hele grappige stofjes en zo wordt je quilt echt speciaal. Op een keer ga ik ze ook nog eens maken. Ik heb zelfs al een paar jaar een paar hexies liggen. Ik zal ze eens opzoeken.

  20. I may be biased but I love your Aussie Hexagons...They look great...It will be a special part of your quilt as you remember the friendship and love that the fabric was sent to you with... Kate xx

  21. It is so noce to sit and sew and then have a coffee near by :-). Your hexagons are very speciel and will forever make you think of Terry. I love that kind of memories.
    The pinwheel blocks look lovely.
    Have a nice weekend :-).
    Greetings from Denmark,

  22. Beautiful flowers. I used to get so much done in the car as I waited for the children to get out school, I miss those days.


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