Friday, September 2, 2011

If only...

... we could have had a few more days in Prague... 

Prague is beautiful, unassumingly elegant, and leaves you feeling like a better- more cultured version of yourself. We enjoyed our walks, went to concerts, sat and enjoyed ourselves in idyllic cafe's and my camera never stopped: every corner turned, and another "Ah!-sigh-click!"--- 

For someone who had always described herself as a bit of a Bohemian at heart, to actually find myself in the geographical centre of Bohemia, was something else. :)
Imagine, I even have a street I could easily call my own...

I promise I will share more pictures in the days to come. 

It was lovely to spend time as a couple, and it was hard for both of us to tear ourselves away and get back to reality.  But we were missing the boys and promised ourselves to be back soon, with them, and stay longer. Four days just wasn't enough.

Getting back from Cloud Nine did not grace us with a soft landing. This week has been a crazy whirlwind: from having be rudely re-introduced to the stresses everyday drama, while attempting to make the best out of the last week of summer holiday, to wrapping our heads around the fact that September is here, and school starts next week. But somehow things always fall into place. And there is a sense of comfort knowing soon we will be enjoying our new routines. Life goes on, too quickly. And this coming school year is promising to bring some big changes to our little family. So maybe we are reluctant as parents, of seeing our boys growing up so fast. Maybe we are realizing that our parents need us more and more. Maybe it is knowing that we need to make time as a couple to be able to face all these challenges together. Focusing on what's important, being grateful for what we have, taking risks that might make a difference in the future and holding on to each other. And actively refusing to be suck into the negativity and unnecessary drama of others. I am taking a stance against stress! Beware---I have got sharp needles and I know how to use them! :)

Speaking of which, I have a few things to share:
I decided to take Camelot half-square triangles with me to Prague. It has been slow progress, but I am liking the results.

I also can report on a Dear Jane block: I have fallen a bit behind, but have found my way back to it, already making templates for the next few blocks.

It has been fun doing progress report with Kathinca and Marga on Fridays. With their encouragement and inspiration ( you should see their blocks: wow!) I actually managed 4 blocks this week for the Farmer's Wife Quilt-along. They are both such accomplished stitchers and are moving so swiftly, it leaves me wanting more! :)

And I am so happy to tell you that Nadine has joined us, from her extended get-away in Spain, this fall. We both decided that this was the project we had been saving our shirtings for, and so far, it seems a good decision. 

Gotta run. But promise myself to breathe in deeply, and smile. Life is too short, and up to us to make it beautiful.  sigh...



  1. Great post, sounds like you've made some great priority decisions. Sharp needles..hehehe

  2. What a beautiful post. I look forward to seeing more of Prague! Your hst's are wonderful :0)

  3. How lovely to see your photos, both looking happy and relaxed (and romantic) :-D

  4. As always a lovely post , Prague looks like a fabulous city .

  5. What a great post, take a deep breath and you will make it my friend.

  6. We went to Prague last July and it was wonderful. Beautiful architecture. Glad you had a good time.

  7. thank you for sharing, I can't get to all the beautiful places, but when you and others share, it's a wee bit like being there.Cute blocks.

  8. OF COURSE, you have a street to your name ! ;>)
    GORGEOUS pictures, Vali, and such beautiful blocks, too. Your Farmer's Wife has been very busy, these days... but Jane is happy you came back to her, not to mention those cuuuuute tiny half square triangles (LOVE those!).

    (I just blogged about my FW first blocks)

  9. a lovely post valentina ! it is good thing to take stock of this life we live, we only get one chance. i love all i see and love the photo of your man with the beer and pretzel in prague, so pleased you had a lovely few days! i have been to a quilt show today (i will post about it) and was talking to a lady who said 'do i know you'(me that is) and she went onto explain that she saw 'camelot' on your blog and found me that way and she wanted a pattern! so it is a small world. just wanted you to know that you were being thought about in a place called wonga park about 30 minutes away from my home today here in victoria, australia!!!

  10. Het zou beter voor mijn Engels zijn als ik het in Engels zou doen, maar Nederlands is zoveel makkelijker en ik wil zoveel zeggen. DUS.....
    Ten eerste, dat je te gekke foto's gemaakt heb van Prague, mijn complimenten, zou er zo zelf even graag rondlopen. Leuk dat je daar ook een eigen straat hebt. Goed van je dat je Dear Jane weer op gepakt hebt. Je FWQal blokjes zijn grandioos, wat jij met streepjes in die blokjes doet daar sta ik versteld van wat voor effect dat geeft. Ze blijven heel leuk om te maken. Sterkte met het weer in ritme komen van het nieuwe schooljaar. Kijk al uit naar de volgende blokjes van je.


  11. Glad you had a lovely time in Prague. You are progressing well on your Camelot quilt and your other little blocks are beautiful. Love the bit of fussy cutting.

  12. Well said -Valentina! These are good words to remember. I love your pictures of Prague. Guess I will add it to my list of places I want to travel to. it is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing :-)

  13. Great to see all your blocks - your strips, etc look brilliant pieced into your blocks. Sounds like you have had a fabulous holiday - you sound very refreshed and positive. Love the photos of Prague.

  14. Lovely post Valentina - looks like you are having a great time and good to see you have got a bit of sewing done :)

  15. Ooooohhh... Prague - nizzzzze!

  16. Hello my friend,
    It sounds like you've had such a wonderful time together and seeing your photos makes me feel like I've stepped right into one of my Art History classes.
    Look after you and yours!
    What a busy year it's been for both of us... you are most definitely in my thoughts!!! xox

  17. It is a beautiful city and one of these days I'd love to go there.


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