Friday, September 9, 2011

Going 'round with Terry

It has been such a delight to share these last few days with Terry: there has been sharing, there has been laughing, there certainly has been stitching, and there has been plenty of adventure.

Terry, it's so wonderful having you around!

Tomorrow she leaves for her next chapter in this long trip of hers, but we already have so many plans for her return in two weeks time.
And so before you even ask: yes, I confess. I am weak and fickle and I can't wait to start making Terry's Spiral circle block, tonight. I have been trying so hard to resist, but when I saw it yesterday, close up and personal--- swoon! You will be happy to know, that I resisted for almost 24 hours... One more Project, V?! Okay, so who needs sleep. :)

The boys have started school and Terry has been a great help with them, telling them all about Billabongs, Cockatoos, Galah, Goannas and Kangaroos, while I tried to get that breakfast into them. 

Famagusta Gate in Old Nicosia
This morning we went for a walk in Old Nicosia, and we had a fabulous time. Even for me, there is always new things to discover.

A traditional door in Old Nicosia.
This building, like many in the old town, is patiently awaiting
 loving renovation.

The highlight was our visit to the House of Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios  An ethnological museum from the time of the Ottomans.

 taking a breather in the coolness of the inner courtyard
The tv room
The house dates from 1793, and houses some spectacular needlework. Terry and I were in awe of the intricacy of the work. And here are some examples we would like to share.

The lady of the house would have been dressed like this
the collar

the sleeves

And these lace jasmine blossoms edging the head dress-
talk about impossibly delicate...

Laced garments part of an ancient dowry

and a quilt

It was an incredible experience, impossible to forget. Thanks Terry!

I know it is late in the day, and I hope Kathinca, Marga and Nadine don't mind, but I did manage to make another 4 Farmer's Wife blocks this week. This brings me to my first dozen, and that means only 99 more to go! :) 
I have been enjoying them so much and look forward to next week's harvest.
Have a lovely weekend, and thanks for your visits. I am so looking forward to some 'me' time next week when I am planning some serious catching up time with you, my dear blogfriends! See you soon!


  1. What great fun for you Val to be meeting up with a kindred blogger. I love the detail on the costume. All that beautiful hand made lace.
    Great Farmers Wife blocks.

  2. Thanks for sharing your walk in Old Nicosia with us - what beautiful old buildings! And what an incredible blouse - the lace is so pretty and feminine (and impractical - lol) I've never seen anything like those jasmine blossoms - they're pretty amazing.
    Your 4 blocks look great! I like the color palate you are working with. Only 99 more... :0)

  3. Valentina, wow you and Terry are having a blast together! Terry was a teacher and grama so the boys would enjoy her visit too. What a fun trip she would have. Thanks for sharing - hugs Nat

  4. The lacework is exquisite. I love that tv room, I could handle having one of those in my house ha ha.

    Your Farmers Wife quilt is going to be stunning with all those beautiful blocks you are making.

  5. Je bent druk bezig geweest! Strakjes haal je me nog in!

  6. so sorry I couldn't make it on thursday val!
    love the pictures and love your blocks.
    how come that i do not know this museum??? it is on top of my list for october now :) ! very interesting indeed.
    thanks for the pic of terry ... maybe i will be able to spot her in val d' argent (amonst a trillion of other ladies :) )
    take care and enjoy your well deserved stitching time

  7. Vier deze keer je gaat als een speer. Het zijn weer plaatjes om te zien, jij hebt duidelijk een voorkeur voor streepjes. Dat is leuk om te zien want jij weet ze zo goed in je blokjes toe te passen.
    Heerlijk hé een (quilt)vriendin op visite, de tijd lijkt dan altijd extra snel te gaan.


  8. Great pictures..just like we were there on the tour!! Love the detail on the woman's dress...beautiful!

  9. I am really enjoying the farmers wife blocks!
    Lovely photos, especially the "extra" ones xx

  10. Sounds like you had a great time with Terry and there was much excitement. The photos from the museum are amazing - the details incredible.

  11. I'm so happy to hear about your visit with Terry and see all of your lovely photos. What incredible lace work! I can not imagine the feeling of wearing something like this... What a romantic time. I love your blocks! What pretty fabrics!

  12. Thank you for sharing that beautiful building.
    I would like to see the quilt spread out -- it looked really interesting.


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