Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a little more of Prague

I just love Mucha's famous Art Nouveau prints 

Not a lot of stitching going on around here, and I am missing it. But I hope to do something about that this afternoon.

The boys are happy about having started school yesterday. And I am very excited preparing for the arrival of Terry from Australia tomorrow morning. She's on her way to Alsace to the great European Patchwork Meeting in France, and is taking a little breather with me, in Cyprus, before continuing her journey. And as you can imagine, I am so excited in having the opportunity of meeting another Blog friend.  (because as you well know, I dream of meeting all of you! :) up close and personal, stitching together and enjoying our friendships...)

And maybe we could meet in Prague...  :)

Old Prague from the Charles bridge tower
Let me show you some more pictures.
Want to come along for a stroll? :)

Looking up will taking a stroll down Pariska (Paris) Avenue 

Enjoying the Vltava river and the views of the Castle on the hill

 the details... oh the details!

And I still have a few more to share. 
Until then I hope you enjoy your stitching!


  1. I just love Mucha's famous Art Nouveau prints

    Me too!! I have several in my home.

    Lovely photos. Husband keeps telling me that Prague is beautiful.

  2. I'm excited for you to meet Terry too. I sent with Terry a bug hug for you and yes you never know I could come to meet you one day too. Enjoy the photos from Prague, thanks for sharing - Love Nat

  3. What lovely photos, thanks for sharing "the details" That's the part of buildings I look at when I wander a new city.

  4. Lovely pictures!! I hope you can find some time to get stitching again soon!

  5. Such beautiful buildings and details - no wonder you had to drag yourself away. All those spires too. Such lovely memories for you. Hope you got some stitching done.

  6. The beauty--the texture--the ornate details--the symmetry -- I love the beauty of the buildings, no matter which city or country. Thank you for sharing these beauties.

    Have a wonderful time with Terry. Hopefully it won't take her long to adjust to the time difference. Those long flights are -- yawn -- confusing to the -- yawn -- mind. Meeting our blog friends in person would be such a joy. Some day, maybe some day.

    I hope your needle and thread will make lovely music together.

  7. I just love At Deco (art Nouveau)too. Have several reproductions of Mucha in my house. That's why I love the William Morris fabrics and style's too.
    I hear a lot of great things about Prague, that's a city I have to visit too someday.

  8. How exciting for both you and Terry to be meeting each other face to face. have a wonderful time together.

    Two of my children have been to Prague and they both say it is one of the most beautiful cities they have ever been to.

  9. What an incredible city! I am so happy for you that you got to visit. Thank you for sharing your photos... We had several exchange workers here , who worked at an Inn, the only one on the island. They were so well educated and hard working!
    I meant to say in the last post that I am happy for you with your new home (?). I somehow missed the fact that you were planning to build! Oh, how wonderful! Looking forward to watching your progress and hearing all about your new adventure! How you do all you do?!?! Well, keep on going and I will keep sending you my prayers and energy my friend. XO


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