Friday, September 16, 2011

hello friends!

I wasn't sure I'd be able to post at all, but here is a really quick one to share this week's progress on Farmer's Wife.


It's been busy, but I look forward to slowing down this weekend. I need to recharge my batteries and look forward to a bit of hand-quiling.

Sending you my love,


  1. Upclose they look even better!!! Love the one with the big flower in the middle! Have a great time my friend and take care! XXXD Happy quilting!

  2. Hi Valentina! Wow, you're really speeding along on the Farmer's Wife .. how's your Jane coming along. I am mortified to admit that I discovered an envelope addressed to you on my desk! It's still here ... but now it's not buried under a stack of "stuff."

  3. The blocks are lovely!!
    Our weather is cooling down and it is perfect for hand quilting. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Zes stuks dat is best veel, zo loop je hard in met ons.
    Het zijn weer stuk voor stuk leuke blokjes.
    De quilt in wording ziet er ook heel mooi uit.
    Simpel patroon, vind dat altijd heel mooi.


  5. mooi !!! Hoeveel blokjes heb je nu? Zo haal je me nog in strakjes.

  6. It is all looking great Val. Lovely blocks.

  7. Love all of your Farmers Wife blocks ! Enjoy your hand quilting on that beautiful quilt.

  8. You were just sewing those blocks and you have it in your hoop already!?! You go girl! That will be such a lovely quilt to snuggle under and quilt through the fall. I love your Farmer's wife blocks too :0)

  9. Luscious fabrics and absolutely beautiful piecing. I am enjoying what's in your hoop. Be good to yourself this weekend! Thinking of you warmly and with much kindness, *karendianne.

  10. Lovely FW blocks! I still haven't started, but one day.... !! :)

  11. Love the block and your choice of fabrics

  12. Your blocks are beautiful and I hope you get to have a nice quiet weekend.

  13. I wish I could join you for a hand quilting session and a little chat. Your blocks look great!

  14. Wonderful hoop!~ I love your blocks and all that you DO!~ glad you are taking some time to recharge... good news! :)

  15. Beautiful blocks, Valentina!
    Enjoy your hand quilting! :)

  16. Dear Valentina
    How are you? Your next Patchworkprojekt looks sooo beautiful! the blocks are great!
    I have a lot of work with the boys, and many time to sewing the camelotquilt...but I must begining now;)
    Wish you all the best, hugs, Rita

  17. Gorgeous as always Valentina! I especially love your blue and white churn dash. Did I really play a part in converting you to being a farmer's wife??? If I did, then I certainly am happy!


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