Friday, September 23, 2011

A Taste of Cyprus with Terry

Hello everyone,
Sorry i have been so absent, but hubby has been gone on a looooong business trip and it's been challenging to keep things rolling along smoothly. But All is Well--- I did it! (yeay for me!) And the Boys had a marvelous time. Hubby will be home tomorrow morning; in time for us to start birthday celebrations for our youngest who will be turning 5! The trick in the last weeks was for me to remember stay calm, stitch like a mad-woman when things started getting hairy--not lose my cool and keep those little active (chatty!) little  (sorry, Mama, we are BIG!!!) boys engaged and to keep the routine going. Imagine, we had homework for the first time; and everything that could go wrong did! LOL What do you expect with a 4 and a 5 year old being asked to sit still and finish these tasks... oh the drama... and me just having flashbacks of homework horrors of my past and envisioning a bleak tormenting endless homework sessions in the future... It ended well. And they were so proud to take their completed work to school. And I actually finished my first of Terry's Spiral Blocks ( a.k.a. Delicious Vertigo!) If you can't beat them, Stitch- 1-2-3 Breathe 1-2-3 Stitch!

It's about 14" across
 and I need to tweak a bit with the template for the block to lay a bit more flat.
But oh so enjoyable to make!

Terry is back from Alsace this week and I have been enjoying her company and friendship again. Oh my, it sounds like Alsace was incredible and her trip to the Museum of Printed Textiles in Mulhouse France an amazing experience.

Terry will be sharing all about it on her blog soon. I was fascinated as she was explaining the process to me and all she did at the workshop. Another stop we need to plan for in our 'someday soon' quilter's european tour! :)

Today I took Terry for a "taste of Cyprus": through the Troodos mountains to Paphos and back to Nicosia via Limassol taking the scenic route.

In Paphos we visited the House of Dionysios and I got to take some pictures of the mosaic floors, I had been wanting to share with you for quite some time. Talk about Antique designs!
Isn't it amazing?
Clamshells with a twist!

Even my Farmer's Wife blocks got in on the action, :)

Blogger is being a royal pain. So (stitch 123-breathe-123...) I will try to upload these unto Flickr if you want to see my other 2 blocks for this week. And Please, forgive me if I haven't answered your comments and emails. I think I have a virus that is not letting me see my gmail. But help is arriving tomorrow!
Looking forward to visiting Kathinca, Marga and Nadine and seeing for their FW blocks are progressing.

I wish you a lovely weekend, with plenty of stitching and fun times,
Valentina ( and Terry!  she's waving! :)


  1. Zo jij hebt niet stil gezeten! Ongelooflijk mooie foto's zitten er tussen. Coeltoer happen, heerlijK!

  2. What a lovely visit to Cypres through your pictures :0) Those floors are amazing!! Your spiral block looks great! Good luck with the Bday party - turning 5 is very exciting!

  3. You always put so much care, thought and finesse into your blog, it is like looking at a beautiful glossy home and garden magazine!

  4. Hello my lovely friend!!
    So great to read your post and to hear all that you've been up to.
    Your young men are definitely keeping you on your toes *smile*
    ...and homework... ewww. should be banned!! :-)
    Love the scenery and those floors! Woooowwww!!!
    Must pop over to Terry's too.
    Robyn xx

  5. Hi Valentina and Terry, glad to hear Terry that you had a lovely time in France. So jealous of your trip with V going up that beautiful mountain. All the quilty mosaics um gorgeous! Hugs to both - Nat

  6. I love seeing pictures of your country and oh historical sites even better.
    I love those floors!!!!
    glad you survived and were able to stitch like crazy while your DH was away
    happy birthday to your son, wow 5!!!!!

  7. Your circle block looks wonderful Valentina. I'm so glad to hear that you and Terry had such a great time together. Now the boys have bought you back to earth.
    The photos are so great, especially the tiled floors, so interesting to see.

  8. It is so beautiful!! Too bad Cyprus is so far away from Oregon!!
    So glad hubby is home to be there for you and the kids. It sounds like you managed quite well.
    Happy Happy birthday to your youngest!!

  9. The spiral blocks look amazing!! Happy crafting, Jenny

  10. Valentina, you have come out smiling - stitch 123 breathe 123 - love your coping mechanism :-) Happy Birthday wishes to the Birthday boy.
    It is so great to see the beautiful photos from your part of the world; so different to what we have here.

  11. Birthday greetings to your little 5-year-old. What a wonderful, energetic, nonstop (and tiresome for Mom) age!
    Those mosaic floors are outstanding! Thanks for again sharing the sights around you. They're so wonderfully exotic and unique.

  12. What fun to find someone across the world who is also making a Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt! I enjoyed your blog.

  13. Flying tonight Val...hope to see you and your quilts soooooooon!


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