Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dollies Online

I love Sarah. When I first saw her book Material Obsession, it was like coming home. Sarah started her own blog The Last Stitch just as I was discovering blogs, so I went along for a ride! And what a ride it has been! Then she launched Sewn, and loads of new possibilities opened up for an often isolated quilter like me. I feel that Sarah is a generous teacher and I have learned so much from her, especially how to trust myself and make quilts that reflect who I am, making fabric work for me and not to blindly follow trends or fabric-lines. I have become a much better teacher myself, and more capable of inspiring those same things that Sarah has awoken in me.
So before this turns into an 'Ode to Sarah' along came Dollies Online.
And not only do I get to learn from Sarah, but also from Amy Lobsiger: Mrs Schmenkman!
One happy girl am I!
So our January Dollie Quilt is "Hurry Home" designed by Amy.

I had a blast and met Joan in the process.
Sarah's quilt will be next (February 15th), and this means that my Mini Quilt wall dream of 2010 will be one quilt closer of becoming a reality!
If you want to see more find the button on the right.

In the midst of this dizzying swirl of bloggity excitement was blessed with a very sobering moment.
Kim of Dear Daisy Cottage introduced me to Blogging. I was doing a casual search online and BAM! I found myself 'sipping iced tea' with her on her veranda... She truly taught me to see the beauty of my everyday life, and encouraged me to celebrate it. I even picked up my camera again and found Kim's colour celebration seep into my quilts and my home. Thank you Kim, for being gloriously YOU, and encouraging me to be ME.

So Kim, here's my heart for Jack,

And I will let Kim tell you the rest of the story...


  1. A fantastic combo of creative ladies. Very darling dollie quilt.

  2. Hi! You found my blog, and now I've found yours! You take very good pictures (something I really need to improve on). I love your string basket liner. I adore string quilts!


  3. How lovely to see the Dollie quilt in all it's glory, taking centre place on 'Quilt wall'
    Love Elena

  4. Bless you my sweet friend. Your heart is perfect. YOU are a treasure and a most giving and loving spirit. Thank you SO much.

    For everything.



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