Monday, February 15, 2010

Tumbler Quilt

Here is hoping everyone had a lovely Valentine's!

Today, as we celebrate Green Monday here in Cyprus (the beginning of Great Lent) I wanted to share with you my Blue and White Tumbler Quilt. I made this last summer (June 20o9).
I loved making this quilt.

I was very much taken with Kathie Holland's former Header on her blog. Kathie's blog Inspired by Antique Quilts is just such a joy to visit and such a source of constant inspiration. Kathie, you are the best!
The simplicity of the design allowed me to play with the fabrics, even though I was working with a 'tight palette'. I just loved the sparkles provided by the periwinkles, lilacs and the shy turquoises. I kept the hand-quilting in the ditch to really make the tumblers pop.

This is a quilt I really would like to make again.

This time in reds and whites, perhaps?

Have a wonderful start to your week!



  1. your quilt looks great!!!! oh I love the idea of making one in red and white! thanks for your kind words on my blog...

  2. What a lovely quilt. I think it will be equally as stunning in red and white.

  3. Wonderful quilt.... that I'm soon going to see in real ;>) As to me, this week is starting SO WELL ! My suitcase is ready...

  4. Your blue and white tumbler is gorgeous! I think a red and white one would be really neat to! I made a scrappy tumbler which is still waiting to be hand quilted. I enjoy visiting Kathie's blog as well. She is an inspiration for sure. :0)

  5. The tumbler quilt in the blues is so pretty.

  6. I have such a thing for tumbler quilts! I think this will be my year to finally make one! Yours is lovely!


  7. It's beautiful V!!!
    Robyn xx

  8. Beautiful combinations of blues. So restful.

  9. Love the quilt. Great idea to quilt in the ditch. Love the colors it reminds me of the Mediterranean sea. Cheers Sharron

  10. Oh Valentina this quilt is gorgeous, I love blue & white! I agree with other comments that one in red & white will be stunning too, oh dear another one to add to my to do list! LOL


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