Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic Fever!

Oh Canada!
Some proud Canucks around here today...

Klosjes update: I managed to complete another 6, and mark quite a few more. I have only been using scraps, but I really like how the colours are coming together

This is my Olympic challenge for the next 2 weeks: To embroider the 14 names I have left to do on my Sept. Potluck 09 Hexies, assemble them plus that stack of hexies!

Robyn, look what arrived just in time! Thank you, sweetie!

I hope everyone has their own Olympic quilty dreams that they will accomplish in the next 2 weeks,



  1. I love the fact that you are using all dots fabric for your hexagon flowers! Very cute! I keep seeing these little spools and I just love them. I think I am going to have to try making some. I think I recall you posting that they were tiny at 2.5 inches? I certainly have enough scraps from various projects to do it! :0)

  2. Hi Valentina, love your klosjes!! In about 1 hrs time we will be stuck to the screen to watch the 5.000 mtrs with our Sven! Lots of orange coloured fabrics, talking about proud hihi! tks for your mails with pic, you will be hearing from me in the next few days! XXXD

  3. Hi Valita!!
    So glad they arrived safely...they took their sweet time... have fun and I cna't wait to see what you girls do with them all.
    Robyn xx

  4. I love your hexie flowers and I am totally fascinated with the little spools. Have fun watching the Olympics. I'll cheer for Cyprus if you cheer for the Aussies!

  5. Hello Valentina,
    What a beautiful name on such a beautiful day...
    Thank you for posting your commend on my blog. My english isn't very good, sorry!
    You made soms nice 'klosjes' and hexagons!
    Till next time1

  6. I love your blog!! You make very nice things and your klosjes are beautiful.

    greetings from Debby


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