Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stringy Luv

Hi Everyone, thank you for the countless visits and sweet comments.
You are so encouraging, and patient with me, as I figure all this out.
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At the beginning of the year Stephanie over at Loft Creation offered a challenge: To use up our load of scrap and start stripping! Robyn, our Fearless Leader over at GHQA and GHQA2, told us about it in her awesome blog Daisyquilts. I couldn't resist, as I rarely can resist anything Robyn proposes! And signed up. As I had been in organizing mode I went back to the oldest scraps and started there. That box had not been opened for 10 years! I challenged myself to use only what I already had cut into strips and not to add any new fabric to it. The blocks were so much fun to make, I managed to make 14. Odd number for a quilt.
Like most people, I do my hand-stitching and hand-quilting in front of the t.v. in the evenings. I usually have several projects going so inevitably I tend to take over the dining room table. I have had this lovely hand-made basket for years, but it needed a lining for me to feel comfortable to stick my quilts in.

(^_^) ...big happy grin.
The flannels were a joy to work with... and I even made 4 stripy pockets: one for my scissors, one for my crochet hook, and 2 shallow ones for my thimble and quilting thread.

And even though it looks quite amateurish I had a blast!
Thanks Stephanie!!!
I already have collected a big pile for project number 2!
You can click Stephanie's 'Loft Creations No Strings Attached Challenge' button on the side for more inspiration.

with much stringy Luv,


  1. Not only did you use your scraps, and use that amazing stringy pattern... you also used your blocks to make a beautiful basket lining!
    That's what I call a USEFUL project!
    BRAVO, sweetie, I just LOVE it ;>)

  2. One of my favorite string projects! Creative and useful too.

  3. Dear Valentina, congratulations on starting a blog! I just found it after visiting Ingrid's blog that I have in my Google Reader. I'm adding yours as well and shall be visiting regularly.

    Good luck and have fun!

  4. Yaaaaahhhhhhooooooo and Yipppppeeeeee.
    I'm so glad you're blogging... giggle
    I was sure you couldn't resist us... lol
    Welcome to blogland V (with you own)...
    I'm so happy tra la la!! lol
    Robyn xx

  5. Love your basket liner! Welcome to blogland (Popped over via Daisy Q)

  6. popped over via Daisy Q to wish you a warm welcome to blogland. i admired your basket when Steph showed it on her blog - a real inspired project.

  7. Love the basket lining and your scrappy blocks!

  8. Welcome to blogland Valentina. I found you via Daisy Quilts. Love your basket liner!

  9. Your basket is simply gorgeous! What would be amateurish about it, I wonder... Very inspirational. The blocks are just lovely:) Take care, greetings from Norway, Una

  10. Love this use of strings to make a basket liner which makes it really unique, how clever!

  11. Very clever basket lining. Pretty and useful at the same time.


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