Saturday, February 20, 2010

Two peas in a pod... and Klosjes

...Who's coming?
...From Belgium?
...And you have NEVER MET IN PERSON?!
... and she's staying at your HOUSE?!

What a joy it has been to Finally meet Nadine. We have not stopped laughing, stitching, exchanging ideas and then laughing some more.

So many, many projects are being planned, some are being started and some agreed upon for later. Much fabric, tips and impressions being shared. And she is showing me the ropes when it comes to blogging as well.

Ingrid, Thank You! I have had quite a few inquiries regarding the "Klosjes" or Spools. Please, go and see Karen's Klosjes! So cute! So you see Ingrid: Klosjes are spreading all over the world!

Happy stitching!



  1. Have fun, you two! I love that she packed her suitcase full of stitcheries and dreams!

  2. What beautifull klosjes have you made this week. Lovely colors. The flowers are also very sweet.

  3. Oh I'm so excited to hear from you guys!!
    HI Nadine, Hi Valita... I'm waving at you!!
    How wonderful to share friendship and then meet...
    I think we are blessed!!
    Have fun the rest of the time... hugs again to you both.
    Oooh I can see some of my own fabrics too in those cute little spools.

    Robyn xx

  4. I'm so excited for you both - wish I was there too! Have a great time together.

  5. I'm sure you two are having a great time!
    Your klosjes turned out great; love the colours.

  6. Your spools look wonderful! It sounds like you and Nadine had a great time together! I was surprised to see the link to my blog. Now I know why I've had so many visitors to see the spools. :0) They are fun. Thanks again for your help with them!

  7. Prachtige klosjes heb je gemaakt.
    Groetjes Hennie.

  8. Al doorlinkend kwam ik op je (nieuwe) blog en zag mooie dingen. Ik kom nog wel eens buurten als dat mag. Groetjes Berna (Nederland)

  9. Oooo, Valentina, this is so wonderful having a blogging friendcoming over for a visit ! So many great things you two are going to share. Enjoy every moment, these are precious, precious moments. thanks for visiting me, i am happy i made you laugh :)
    warm hugs from cold canada

  10. dear valetina, thanks for dropping again :)
    hope you are having a superday and having fun with your friend

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