Thursday, March 25, 2010

Behold the Handmaiden...

As an orthodox christian woman who is obsessed with her threads, needles, thimbles, scraps... I take great comfort in knowing that the Arch-Angel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin while she was doing this:


I am sure that I am not the only one who has felt that sometimes when we stitch and hand-quilt we are in fact stitching our love, our blessings, and prayers for whomever will receive the works we are making with our hands.

Today as we, in the Orthodox Church celebrate the Feast of Annunciation, I thought you'd like me to share this with you.

Icons of the Annunciation in Orthodox Church depict the Virgin Mary busy doing her needle-work. It seems to me she might be holding Spindles or maybe Spools (?!) of beautiful red thread that she probably dyed herself...

The above link is a nice one that explains a little bit more about the feast, if you so wish.

In the meantime,
Happy and Blessed Stitching!



  1. Oh how I remember that particular Icon, and the so very special moments linked to it.....
    THANKS for posting about this, dear Vali ! (and thanks for everything else ;>)


  2. A lovely post, Valentina. Thank you for sharing such personal images with us. Sewing in all it's forms has been a constant for womankind as far back as humanity goes. It's a comfort, isn't it? Michele

  3. It is comforting to know that we share a craft that has been handed down by women since the beginning of time. Have a great day Valentina!

  4. So lovely to read posts like these.


  5. What a lovely thing to pick up on. I love how it makes her more real and the thought that it brings us all closer by way of common interest.


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