Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dollies Online

Spring is in the Air!

I have been busy with my Dollies Online 'homework' these past few days. What fun it has been working with such lovely reds...

My heart kept skipping a beat!

This time around it's Sarah Fielke's 'What a Star' pattern. I enjoyed the challenge thoroughly and even though my rendition is sprinkled with mistakes, I love it! I want to hand-quilt it and then I'll show it to you!

Dawn Hay is inviting us to participate in a very exciting opportunity for us quilters to make a difference in a very concrete way: She is offering a beautiful Bag Pattern and all proceeds go to help the Boseco people of the Philippines. It comes to a little more than 3 euros. Not much for us, but a world of difference in terms of medical supplies and housing for them! I will share my bag with you when I get mine finished.


  1. Lovely flowers. I can't wait until our first daffodil opens! :o) Such pretty red fabrics for your dollie quilt.

  2. Valentina your red stars are spectacular! Love the petunia pic. They are my favourite summer flowers.

  3. Your stars look fabulous and the seams look perfect from here! What great fabrics, it really smiles.

    Bought the bag pattern too, thanks for the link!

  4. what a beautiful block and oh I love the reds :)
    one can never have enough REDS!!! that little polka dot case is just soooo cute! what a great case for your supplies or to go bag for applique projects/hand piecing projects
    looks like a little lunch box

  5. Can't wait for the flowers, am getting itchy already..That star looks complicated>> wow.
    Love the REDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Beautiful pictures!!!!!!!! Love your red fabrics!
    And I so love spring!!

  7. What beautiful photos today! Love the red and white! I am so impressed with your dolly quilt!

  8. Gorgeous them and I cannot wait to see it quilted!!!

    I'm excited to see flowers in my yard...thanks for sharing yours :o)

  9. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!
    Valentina, wat is die rood-witte ster geweldig!!!

  10. Gorgeous reds!! Never seen that star, it looks so great!! Now flowers as yet in our garden, too cold but .... Spring is definitely coming, but when .... maybe this Summer hihi!! Have to be patient and that is not always easy!! Tot de volgende keer, knuffel XXXD

  11. That is a really scrumptious star pattern, and there's something very simple and beautiful about reds and whites isn't there? I bet its going to look fabulous when its all done!

    Sending love - and if you have time, pop over to my blog, Im having a giveaway!

    Love Julia x x x

  12. Valentina,
    The quilt promises to be beautiful and I am eyeing up that lovely red polka dot case with envy. I love spring flowers.

  13. Valentina, Once again great work, great blog.
    Cheers Sharron

  14. Welcome spring! What lovely photos, I love petunias especially the red and white one. Enjoy the Doilies online - Hugs Nat

  15. Wat leuk dat je even bent wezen buurten. Een bezoekje aan jou kon ik natuurlijk niet afslaan. Leuke weblog heb je zeg... en ... ik kende je nog niet... hoe dat nu kan met al die klosjes. Dat is hier inderdaad een hele hype.

    De stofjes waar je nu mee bezig bent zijn ook geweldig zeg.

    En ik zag op een foto een geweldig kastje voorbij komen met allemaal garenklosjes en ander prachtig garen.

    Ik hoop dat je genoten hebt van de linkjes op mijn blog.

    Een heel goed weekend toegewenst, of op z'n papiaments, Bon Weekend

  16. Wow....I'm in love with that star! It is stunning in those colours. Looks very complicated though, maybe something for me to try when I'm more experienced at using a machine!


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