Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh, Canada!

Maple Syrup coursing through our veins this morning in downtown Nicosia, Cyprus...

What a sweet Victory, worth staying up late last night for the Hockey final!

what a start to the week and to my birthday month!


what, hexies?... sorry, the Olympic challenge was a not a success around here: even though I had my hexies on hand, I got so swept away and forgot to stitch...

I hope you have a wonderful beginning to the month of March wherever you are, with lots of Happy Stitching

The above picture is Parliament Hill in Ottawa on a clear summer morning taken last time we were home


  1. Aaaah YESS, this was something, indeed! HIP HIP HURRAY FOR CANADA ! (and thanks for the beautiful picture ;>)

  2. I loved watching the Olympics! I don't know what I am going to do now that they have finished. It's not fair we have to wait another 4 years.

    Happy Birthday month!!!!

  3. Hi Valentina,
    I have browsed through your blog at the mention of hexagons. I love hexagons. They always look so beautiful and offer endless design possibilities. Lovely.

  4. hello Valentina! Thankyou for your comment, dear Hexi-sister. I thought I would come over and visit with you. I do like your work, I particularly loved the blue and white quilt! It was so nice to "meet" you :D

  5. Hi Valentina. Watched the game too - what a great hockey win for Canada! Best wishes from Ottawa.

  6. hi valentina,yes, the olympics were wonderful to watch, i am going to miss it. i have a preference for speedskating and was so proud of our canadians, they did really great ! and the whole family watched the hockey game on sunday, we were on the edge of our seat til the end ! hurray for Canada :)
    oh, are you from Ontario ? I haven't read all of your post. you are really far from home. at least you have some of that yummy maple sirup to help you forget a little of that homesickness.
    sending you hugs, from QC, CANADA ♥

  7. OK, what the heck is a Klosjes. and how do I pronouce it! I just read about these on Janets blog, she linked to you and geez. I have to finish my hexi's before I start this one! They are TOO CUTE!

  8. Helaas ik ben niet van het hockey-en. Wel een mooie foto op je blog. Misschien heb ik me niet voldoende verdiept in je blog maar ben je Nederlandse die in Cyprus is gaan wonen?
    Met dat stitchen etc. zal het wel lukken.

  9. Hi Valentina, I think you and Nadine have started something with your Klosjes! There are posts about them popping up everywhere! I am going to join in the fun and start making some.

  10. Lets see if this comment works Valentina..I think so!
    Love your blog..
    Julia ♥

  11. Hi Valentina, I'm joining in the Klosjes blocks too. I'm looking for a small hand project to take with me on our trip to New Zealand and Japan and this is a perfect little blocks for me to work on. Thanks for sharing and coming to visit my blog - Hugs Nat

  12. The Olympics were fantastic -- 14 golds for us at home! Finally!! The noise from the streets when we won that hockey final game was incredible and went on for hours!


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