Friday, March 19, 2010

Room to Play and... Klosjes!

Mama, come KWILTING!

I know I am very blessed to be able to share creative space with my young boys. It is one of the everyday joys of my life. Yes, it's messy, with loads of interruptions... But we blast our music and share laughs and silliness... I love that we can play 'together', talk and be physically close.

And yes, I do my share of refereeing from behind my sewing machine...

But I also get sweet visits 'through the tunnel' and we love to make that old office chair spin in swirly hugs!

Even this week which was mostly misery due to my allergies. I had a patch over my swollen right eye and so I promptly became the Pirate Mama... I felt strangely 'manic' and found it intensely satisfying to stitch anyway: Because my boys were watching...
It was absolutely CRAZY, I know...

but one stitch at the time... I made one Klosje, then two...
and thanks to your encouragement and wise words:

So how do I do Quilting with young kids?!

One stitch at the time


at home- in the car -with McQueen, Diego and Wonder Pets...

and knowing all of you will be coming by!

...and adjusting the rules! That's why we can post a Saturday Klosjes post on Friday!

I have been overwhelmed how 'real' Blogging can be. Your words and e-mails are very real to me. Sweet, powerful, hilariously funny and Life-giving words revealing their authors as REAL women reaching out to me.
Your encouragement finding its way to my mailbox at the right time.
We are all trying to cope with our days balancing the mundane with the sublime...
and I find myself moved by your comments and by the fact that you take the time to come and see what is going on in this little corner of the world.

and how do your words impact my little world?
They are the words I share with my Beloved and I hear echoed back to my boys...

Thank YOU!

With a grateful heart,

(whose eyes are doing very well, Thank you!)

On assignment for Karendianne's Blogging to Learn Feature: How do you hand-piece?
I found that putting my stuff in a square tray, on a pillow, on my lap very efficient. ( I found this 'tray' at an art supply store, maybe intended for decoupage or a 'hard-surface' canvas?)
I use the empty tissue box for my scraps of fabric and leftover threads. The empty white box collects my finished Klosjes for the week, and the other box is my tag-along kit.
signing off:


  1. Thank you. Your words today were wonderful. I am going to start making Klosjes. I have been reading all the posts about them, and it sounds like something I would do. I love handwork. Unfortunately, I have a lot of handwork projects, but do get back to them in time.
    When my son (now 23) was little, he would come to where I sewed and play with his cars and trucks. One day he made a little quilt (with my help) on my sewing machine. He picked out buttons to put on it. I have it hanging in my sewing room. So sweet. Enjoy them while they are young. They grow up so fast.

  2. And another one!!! Pour Mary has no idea what she is starting hihi! I enjoyed your today's story, reading with a big grin, laughing out load caused Yvette to jump upright: everything ok? But: I fully agree with it all!! And your tray could be mine hihi so similar on tidy days though hihi! One can never have enough of those happy, heartwarming moments! Happy sewing, take care, hugs, Daniëlle XXXD en heel veel plezier met de volgende klosjes, ze zijn schattig!!!

  3. You are just the sweetest person, you must have a remarkable constitution to keep up being so cheerful full-time! My kids are a bit older so I spend more time kicking them off the computer than supervising little cars - I miss those days! Thankfully they will both still accept a hug. It sounds like you made the most of your Pirate Mom stint too - we have to grab our fun where we can get it!

    Still drooling over klosjes - I don't know if I can take on another hand work task, my GFG is growing so slowly! But I think about them all the time, it may be...inevitable.

  4. Valentina, I really enjoyed this post. I can very much relate to it. I have three kids and all of them also loved to be with me while I was sewing. In fact, I would start a project and one of them would always want to sew too. In the end I helped them more and never got to my own project. :) Moments to treasure for sure. Your picture of the wooden train set brings back memories, my boys still have their set, they played for hours with it when they were little. They are young teens now. Mary is right, it goes fast, enjoy each moment.
    I love your idea of the tray. It helps keep everytihng in order and in one spot and is also easily transportable. Thank YOU for sharing your blog. I really enjoy reading it.
    OH, I just made my first Klosjes yesterday, thanks to Ann from Australia for sharing the pattern with me. I am hooked!!!!
    Jan xo

  5. Beautiful post, enjoy your little boys, I agree with Mary: they grow up so fast!

  6. Thank you for writing the most beautiful post Valentina about everyday life. I hope your allergy improves each day. My youngest is 11 and I love on the weekends sewing and her reading or playing around me also, it is the closeness and combined joy of being together and enjoying that time. Your photo is delightfully beautiful, children's toys and Mum's sewing. I also have been amazed and so happy to have 'met' such wonderful kind ladies through blogging and I have been inspired to venture out and try different patterns! I never would have attempted those tiny spools if I had not seen some of the beautiful quilts out there. Love to you Valentina, have a great weekend and I hope you are on the road to recovery ~ love the "Pirate Mama"! Ann xx

    Oh how I remember being in that wonderful sewing/playing room area ! Piecing fabric, while hearing the boys playing together was a true blessing, music for the heart....

    AND you even pieced such nice klosjes, no matter your hard allergies !


  8. Thanks for your lovely post, Valentina! You expressed what I feel when I am blogging.
    The comments are so loving and warm! And really encouraging!
    Enjoy your boys!! They are still young; so give them lots of love!
    You made beautiful "klosjes"!! Keep up the good work and I'm glad to hear you are feeling better!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. I know those bloggers are just amazing and I am so glad we joined.. I love reading stories about each life in all countries and how they go through each day..

  10. I love your post and this insight of your life with your little treasures. I know what you mean with one stitch at a time. Sometimes there is time for only one stitch!
    But please please stop tempting me with your "klosjes", I feel that my resistance is getting weaker and weaker. Even more now that the Pot Luck Hexie won't be until May...
    Have a great week-end!

  11. I rush over to visit when I see you've posted. You are an inspiration and have managed to juggle your family with what you love to do. It makes for a happy Mama and it shows.

  12. Wonderful post Valentina! As with the previous comments, enjoy your little darlings now because in a blink of an eye they will be all grown up. I remember a similar train set also!

    I feel the same as you about blogging. I have made so many wonderful new friends and have been so inspired by you.

    Hope yur allergies have settled down, although "Pirate Vaentina" has a nice ring to it.

    Great job of the Klosjes - they look wonderful.

  13. What a wonderful blog post. One day your children will remember this time with their Pirate Mama. :o) My son used to dump out my big button jar while I was sewing and he'd play with them and sort them. It was nice to have him near.

  14. Valentina, I really enjoyed this post. The children grow up way too fast, and why not have fun with them while you sew..and thank you for your lovely words and I hope your feeling better..
    Julia ♥

  15. Lovely post -- you are creating such wonderful memories for your children.
    And your Klosjes are gorgeous!
    Hope the allergies let up and you feel much better.

  16. I love you Valentinananana!

  17. Hi Valentina.... your an inspiration to mums all around the world... the motto...' 1 STITCH AT A TIME'... I am one of those too with 2 little girls at my feet or close by...... and it is so lovely to hear your so close to your boys... they will have many happy memories of there mumma.. sewing... those klosjes are becoming adictive looking... ummm...
    BIG HUGS Dawn x x x

  18. Wat vervelend van je oog en dan toch nog heel veel klosjes gemaakt. Fantastisch. En je hebt het goed voor elkaar: zo kunnen werken en oog op je jongens houden. Keep up the good work!

  19. What a lovely post, written with a true heart. I feel like I'm truly there, by your side, sharing the joy of your 'pirate' life. Since I'm the owner of 2 parrots I think I could play that role were I really there!

    Your Klosjes make me smile. That's from my heart as well. Seems over coffee we're getting a lot of heartfelt something or other from LeeHaven!

    And Valentina, thank you for sharing your hand piecing set up. I'm going to link back. Very helpful. In kindness and warmth, *karendianne.

  20. That is the beauty of hand piecing ... you can sit with family and not miss out on anything and one stitch at a time does make wonders.

  21. What a lovely post...a little bit of everything. I think it is great that you have a room where you can share and still work on your passion of sewing. Good times, bad times, we all have them!!

  22. Ik heb genoten van je blog! Mijn herinneringen van mijn kinderen toen ze klein waren zijn me ook heel dierbaar. Ze zijn bij mij nu 22 en 20 jaar oud en al bijna helemaal uit huis. Alleen af en toe in de weekends thuis en ik mis ze echt regelmatig maar het allerbelangrijkst vind ik dat ze gelukkig zijn met wie ze zijn en wat ze doen. Goed dat je evengoed nog zoveel mooie klosjes gemaakt hebt ondanks alles.

  23. Valentina,
    Glad you are feeling better. I suffer occasionally with allergies and know how miserable it can make you feel. What better way to keep an eye on the children than to sit and sew and watch and listen. It is amazing what you can learn when they are playing. I used to do the same with my girls when they were little. I taught them both to sew but neither are interested although Sarah has the potential to be good at it. I too only started blogging in December and the friendship and companionship shown is second to none. Everyone should take up quilting and blogging. What a better world it would be.

  24. Wat heb je een enorm leuke blog, ik breng ook veel tijd met mijn zoon van bijna 11 door, zo heerlijk als kinderen nog klein zijn, het is jammer genoeg zo kort. Ik vind je klosjes ook "errug"mooi worden.

    groetjes, jeannet

  25. You just expressed what I also find out every day when I am blogging. It is so wonderfull that so many people live with you with al the things you do and write about. I am also glad you felling better and it is also very nivce that you can quilt with your kinds around you and I think also very special because you are always around them. You made very nice klosjes this week and again 15 ones. A great number. Have a great week.

  26. Hi Valentina

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog.
    I also used a tray for sewing when my children were young. That way I could easily and quickly put all my stuff out of little hands...

  27. Lovely post Valentina and your Klosjes are coming along nicely.

  28. Ja wat kom je soms slecht aan patchworken toe met kleine kindjes.
    Maar zelfs als het niet altijd zo snel gaat als je zou willen... wij komen er wel.

  29. I can relate to stitching with small children. It is amazing the progress you can make one stitch at a time :0) You have a good set-up. I mostly stitch while the little ones are in bed. Your klosjes are lovely and I'm glad your eye is feeling better.

  30. Wat een leuk blogje weer.Genieten van de kids .
    En wat een leuke klosjes heb je er weer bij.

  31. You have a delightful blog...I am enjoying looking at all your postings. I do like those day I must start some myself and join in...but too much to finish just now. How long have you been making them, and what fabrics do you use? I do like your tray to hold all you things ion...
    I have plastic boxes with all sorts of things in...on for each project - and of course at times I cant find what I am looking for. I will be back to look at more shortly. Thankyou for sharing.


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