Saturday, March 13, 2010

Klosjes Saturday! Welcome Friends!

Welcome to my little City Balcony,

I have made some of Nadine's favourite Tea and Karendianne is bringing some scones later... Have you seen her Great Recession Spools: they are fantastic and she will surely make you laugh!

I thought you'd like to sit outside, even though it is still a bit chilly, I am sure for all you longing for Spring this will be just right. And for those of you enduring the heat of summer: Be refreshed. Maybe I can serve you some cold home-made Lavender Lemonade instead?

It has been so much fun visiting you all this week getting to know you better
and sharing your Klosjes.

Today I would like to welcome Rose Marie to our Little Band of Spoolers. She is doing such a lovely variation: applique... Please go see for yourself! And she assures me that the Maple Syrup harvest this year is looking to be a good one! :)

As for me, I have been keeping myself distracted from allergies by making another 30 Klosjes.

I passed the 100 mark without even realizing it! Yeay! I am having so much fun with these-- and getting to know all of you in the process is sheer Delight! I love sharing this project with you...

I also sent my Spring Surprise yesterday.
Here's a teaser for my swap-partner Tammy...

Hoping you enjoyed our little visit together.
Now, shall we perhaps continue this conversation at your place?


ps. Please, go see Gerda's KlosjesQuilt:
she's almost done hand-quilting and it a sight to behold!

pps. And go Welcome Bea and Annemieke who also joined us this week, oh wow!


  1. happy Klosjes Saturday dear Valentina! It is Saturday evening in Australia and I will be posting my Klosjes tomorrow! I would love to join you on your balcony and made currant biscuits this afternoon! This is so much fun, have a lovely Saturday. Look forward to seeing what everyone else has done this week. Love all your spools, just beautiful! Hugs, Ann xoxo

  2. Oooh, this is such a lovely post, with lovely pansies (my favourite flowers)+ my favourite tea - AND lovely klosjes ! More than 100 ??? Aaaaarghgh! I'd better catch up ! LOL LOL
    HOMEMADE LAVENDER LEMONADE !!! I want the recipe, pleazzzzzze dear ;>)


  3. Thanks for the beautiful picures!! Love your spools!! And also the Great Recession Spools Karendianne made are so beautiful!
    Enjoy your little balcony!!

  4. Tjonge! De 100 al gehaald. Zover ben ik nog niet. Ze zien er fantastisch uit. En het weer op Cyprus is blijkbaar een stuk beter dan hier in dit kikkerlandje: in mijn tuin bloeien alleen nog sneeuwklokjes, zoals je hebt gezien. Succes met je klosjes. Je gaat echt als een speer. Ben heel benieuwd hoe je quilt er straks uitziet: vast giga-fantastisch!

  5. You throw a wonderful tea party Valentina! You are the perfect host. 100 Klosjes!!!! Congratulations. I am now up to 13. It is so exciting today to check out everyone's blogs to see how they are all going.

  6. Je hebt flink door geklost deze week dertig stuks en ze zien er TOP uit, als je zo door klost heb je me zo ingehaald, ha, ha, ha. Nou het is geen wedstrijd maar hobby.
    Fijn weekend geniet van het lekkere weer, wij kunnen alleen met de winterjas aan buiten zitten, maar de lente komt er aan.
    Groetjes Hennie.

  7. Your balcony is beckoning, your teapot is a beautiful shade of blue and I fear if I sit down for too long I'll never get anything done! I'm here and off to start my Klosjes. I don't think I'll near your stack of 100, which may I say is a grand MILESTONE! I'm utterly thrilled for you. Oh how happy that is. Before I get busy let me just say this balcony is really comfy and I think maybe just one quick sip of tea. The scones aren't quite ready...

  8. What a delightful place to sit and make klosjes .... bravo on making 100!

  9. Je gaat wel heel goed vooruit met de klosjes.Succes verder.

  10. Such pretty flowers! Soon we will have them here too. Today it is pouring rain, dark and very damp. The perfect day to make Klosjes and drink lots of tea. How wonderful you have passed the 100 mark with your Klosjes! You go girl!

  11. your "klosjes"are beautiful!!!
    I put a picture of mine "klosjesquilt"on my blog...
    its a big one....625 spoons..the quilt is 2.25cm/2.25cm...i'am quilting now

  12. Very inviting Valentina. I'll be right over.
    Pretty balcony.
    Love Shirley.x

  13. Dear Valentina, thank you for your stop into my blog and for your comment. Your Blog is great and I'll come back.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Hugs Gudi

  14. Thanks for your very nice comments on my blog Valentina.
    I am trying to look away from your lovely blog at the moment because I can hear your "klosjes" calling me. They look soooo tempting. No, no, no I will resist.... if I can
    *Speak* to you soon!

  15. I love your photos. Always so creative, my fave being the spools in the little wooden box. Lavender Lemonade? YUM!!!

  16. Your little city balcony for tea looks as inviting as your klosjes :)

  17. Hi Valentina, Great Klosjes as usual. I wish I was having tea with you on your beautiful balcony. I have to make some very soon. Hugs Sharron

  18. I started this week my Klosjes quilt, congrats for your 100', beautiful blog.

  19. I love all the klosjes quilts in blogland!
    Can't wait to see the whole swapparcel!

  20. Dank je voor je reactie en voor het noemen in je berichtje. Ik vind het erg leuk om te zien dat zoveel mensen met de klosjes bezig zijn en allemaal op hun eigen manier. Ik ben aan het bedenken hoe ik de klosjesquilt zal maken. Ik laat dat nog wel zien. Ik heb genoten van je berichtje!

  21. Sigh sigh!! Wish I could come over, but Spring is almost here hihi! You have been a busy bee, more than 100 klosjes!! You know, when I read your post I can almost smell the pansies!! HMMMM, lovely! Have a nice day! Knuffel, Daniëlle XXXD

  22. I love your little spools! How lovely to see the box getting more full, rather like making hexies! I am looking forward to seeing what you make with them all.

  23. Hi auntie Valentina (and other klosjes-aunts),

    would you please be so kind to change my old ("tutorial") address (currently in your sidebar)
    into my new klosjes-page:

    and/or into this original spool pattern source:

    thank you,
    Ted ;o)

    *who's currently sleeping aka hibernating, until it's warm enough*

  24. Wow, I can't wait! I am mailing your package Friday. I hope you enjoy it!

  25. Some lavender lemonade sounds very refreshing!


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