Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Giving and Receiving

Panic Stations!

Yesterday, as I was happily cutting strips blissfully preparing my March Dollie quilt, a sudden announcement: We need a Birthday present for my baby's Playschool teacher tomorrow! You know when you know you should MAKE a gift? Nothing else will do... I see how her eyes light up when she sees him rushing into the classroom in the mornings to give her a good-morning hug...

So a new Tea-towel, beautiful strips, and staying up past midnight hand-stitching on the binding results in... one very proud little boy!

...and a very happy Mama!

Another type of gift giving:

Once in a while you get a group of students that are so enthusiastic and dedicated that you want to make them happy. They are so hungry to know everything there is to know about quilting...
And If I still feel like that after 15 years, I can certainly understand them.

So a few weekends ago I made up a little project that would introduce lots of techniques in a very simple way.

We did 'Quilt-as-You-Go', 'Stripping' ( like I told Stephanie, these days I can't get strips out of my head!!!), Attaching Rick-Rack, and Rough Edge Applique like the type Kellie taught us through her wonderful turorials, Making Yoyo's and making a simple bag and attaching handles: And I had so much fun doing it! So imagine how much fun it was Teaching it!!!

So how do you think I felt last monday morning when one of them comes with this 'little' gift for me...

Speechless and very grateful!



  1. I bet he loves doing the dishes now hihi! Gorgeous gift! Love the bag and the "little" gift is great!! Love what you did to your blog layout. Lovely freesia's and Kaaps viooltje!!! Mooie avond, knuffel, Daniëlle

  2. What a beautiful gift to take to his teacher's birthday! I can imagine how very proud he is. Your bag is lovely Valentina and how nice to say 'thank you' with flowers! Have a wonderful week. Ann

  3. At least you didn't have to produce a costume overnight, I remember those days of panic, lol. You came up with a perfect gift, terrific idea. What a beautiful gift you've recieved, a testament to what a good teacher you must be, you can tell it was made with a lot of thought.

  4. What a great tea towel - too good to be used. Your bag you made for your class is really good, showing all those different methods and you deserve to be rewarded for that with a special present. I bet your classes are so much fun - wish I could attend!

  5. Your bag is yummy and the gifts are gorgeous. Well done for getting that towel finished for your baby!

  6. How lovely to have your gifts appreciated, and reciprocated. Lucky teacher, and lucky little boy! Michele

  7. What a lovely gift for the teacher!! Your son was probably very proud of his mamma!
    Your bag is a gorgeous lesson!! Whish I had such teachers!!!! And the gift you got is so sweet!
    Makes you really appreciate the things you do!

  8. Wonderful gifts to give and receive. I just LOVE that darling bag and super cute tea towel. 2 more finishes for you!

  9. There's nothing like a handmade gift, moreover when it's unexpected ;>)
    You made people happy and now it comes back to you in such a lovely way, because you deserve it sooo much !
    ENJOY ;>)

    Me,again !


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