Saturday, May 29, 2010

Catching our Breath

Today 5 Little Klosjes joined the gang, making them 289 in total. I am so happy to at least have stitched these little ones, slowly and carefully, as I hurt my wrist this past week. It makes stitching and being at the keyboard painful, so I will keep this short.

We had a few more ups and downs this week, reminding me how important spending time with family really is, holding my babies extra tight, and telling them how much we love them every chance we get.

One thing that doesn't seem to hurt my wrist is cutting little charm squares for my charm hexies with my handy spring-loaded scissors. I have been enjoying revisiting my fabric stash and seeing the rainbow of colour come together.
Oh, the simple things that make everything else bearable.

I am grateful that I ended another great teaching year, making this the beginning of my summer vacation, Jippie! I am also grateful that my Beloved and MIL are helping me out with the boys so I can go be with my sister in Holland when she has her second baby in the next few weeks.

This means that I am getting loads of Klosjes and Hexies prepared to take along with me. Looking at the "Bright side of Life"!

Appropriately enough I got this poem in my inbox this morning.
My uncle wrote this as part of presentation he was doing at a Senior Centre:

Little bird in the sky

Dropping white stuff in your eye

You don’t worry, you don’t cry

Just thank God that

Cows don’t fly!


  1. What a lovely stash you have! Hope your wrist heals quickly, and happy vacation to you!

  2. Leuke klosjes,en wat heb je er al veel.
    Oh je gaat ook hexjes maken,leuke lapjes .

  3. MY Goodness : 289 klosjes !!! Your perseverance is a good lesson for me, I really, really HAVE TO take these back on the go...
    And those charm hexies are looking like yummy sweets in a bowl, such lovely fabrics ;>)
    Take care for your wrist, sweet friend, ENJOY your quilt shop vacations, and QUICK, QUICK pack your things for Holland, because THEN we'll meet again !

  4. Wow you have been busy with your klosjes!! I am impressed!! They are so cute. Hope you have a happy time in Holland and your wrist heals soon!

  5. So sorry to hear about your wrist. Prayers going up for you and all of your family...
    Lovely klosjes! Your handpiecing is amazing, you are such a motivation for me to try harder.
    I have a pair of small spring loaded scissors and love them since my wrists are overworked from years of upholstery/drapery/slipcovers. HUGS!

  6. Already 289 klosjes, how big wil the quilt be in total?
    I love your charme hexies, very bright colours.
    Take care for your wrist, its an important "tool" for quilting.
    I had a hard laugh over the poem of your uncle, hihihi.
    Well, while I'am writing this a read above that I can write in Nederlands too. So the next post will be in Dutch.
    Will you be able to visit quiltshops while you in Nederland?
    happy weekend.

  7. Have a great time with your sister in Holland! I am somewhat jealous as we lived near the Dutch and Belgium border for several years.

    Keep looking up!


  8. Very, very lovely Klosjes, Valentina!
    Sure hope your wrist gets better soon.
    Not so good for a busy lady... :o(
    Take care of yourself!
    Hugs from Denmark!

  9. Valentina Happy Summer. We are turning on heaters and having lots of rain i.e. winter in Sydney.
    Your klosjes are lovely as awalys. The charm squares a rainbow of color. You inspired me so as I attempted to reclaim my sewing room I cut just over 100 from scraps destined for the bin.

    Sorry to hear about your wrist let it rest. Enjoy your visit with your sister.
    Happy Days and huggs Terry

  10. Oh my, 289 klosjes...I'm humbled! What a grand accomplishment...and you will soon be blessed with summer vacation AND a trip to visit sis! Wishing you speedy recovery of your wrist...and happy packing!

  11. Sending you hugs from Australia and hope your wrist gets better quickly. I love your red and blue Klosjes, especially the fabric in the one on the top right - it's gorgeous! Hooray for vacation time and have a wonderful visit with your sister.

  12. Lovely Klosjes! Like little treasures.

    I'm sorry your wrist is injured. I hope it heals quickly. Many congrats on your sister's upcoming delivery. So great that you'll get to be there with her.

    LOVED your uncle's poem. Thanks for the giggle.

  13. HI Valentina

    Your Klosjes are so great an dthe colors of the hexies!! I love it sooo!!And I hope your wirst get better soon!!

    Happy vacations!!Rita

  14. Hi Valentina, lovely little klosjes you made, I can't wait to see them in real tomorrow *jump,jump*. I hope your wrist will be a little better then :-)
    See u soon,

  15. Erg grappig gedicht! :-) En prachtige klosjes. Ik dacht dat je laatst al in NL was, vanwege de geboorte van je nichtje, maar dat was de eerste, dus. Veel plezier in NL, waar het nu koud en donker is... Brrr: wèl erg goed quilt weer!:-)

  16. Sorry to hear you wrist hurts. But quilters are strong women. We find a way to stitch or prepare.I never match your number of klosjes WOW 289!
    Good to hear you are in Holland soon. And for a happy event. If you are close to Bunschoten, sent me an email, perhaps we can meet.

  17. Tee hee V, love that little poem... here in Aus we have a slightly similar version *grin*

    So sorry you hurt your wrist my friend.... do take care and I'm so glad you have people to help you.

    Congrats on so many little klosjes... you'll be making 'that quilt' before you know it... Wooohoo!!

    1 whole year for us aye?? Wow time flies but I know we are blessed. :-) So glad we met!

    I trust all goes well with your trip to help your Sister... Blessings to them both for a safe delivery. and for a happy time for you all.

    Ok, I could blah blah on, but I won't...
    Off to have dinner.
    Love ya!!! Mwah!
    Robyn xx

  18. I'm glad that you are going to be with your sister and help her out with her new baby. Good MIL is a bless. I'm one of them grin! I love the collection of your hexies. You will get more done on your travels. Hugs Nat

  19. Sorry the week wasn't so great but your trip coming up sounds wonderful. You did better than me on the klosjes, lol. I enjoyed the poem at the end.

  20. Wat heb je al ontzettend veel klosjes gemaakt en ook al zo veel geknipt liggen. Die van deze week zijn ook weer erg leuk en doe maar rustig aan met je pols, ik hoop voor dat het gauw beter gaat en natuurlijk fijne vakantie.

  21. Sorry to read about your wrist. Hope it will be OK soon. Lovely klosjes and hexies.
    Hoe exciting to read that you will be coming to the Netherlands.

  22. leuke klosjes en beterschap met je pols!
    Groetjes berbel

  23. As I started reading your post, in my head, I was already composing my comment. As I approached the end of your post my original composition went out of the window!!! I couldn't and still can't stop laughing, please thank your uncle from me and tell him that he made your friend 'laugh out loud' truly, that man has my sense of humour!!!!! xxx

  24. Wat een prachtige klossen met die achtergrondstof!!! Erg mooi. Wat een grappig gedicht. heb hem meteen even voorgelezen hier thuis.

  25. How fun to be able to go help your sister and get away for a little vacation. Your spools and hexes will be perfect for traveling.
    I hope your wrist feels better soon.

  26. Your klosjes are looking lovely! And all those wonderful colourful fabrics for your hexagons -- yummy!
    I hope your wrist feels better soon. I can sympathize as I've been limiting my time on the keyboard the past week or so due to hand issues as well.

  27. I'm such a sucker for poems! Thanks for sharing that one and my friend, welcome to summer. Here's a hug to help the wrist heal up but it does seem to be doing well with the shift if focus you've made. What a joyful array of fabrics you show here. mmmmm. Yummy.

    Oh and the trip. Gosh Valentina, Valentina oh Valentina... I'm so happy you'll be there with your sister. This is the way it should be. Surely it is written in our spirit and souls - is it not? The feminine truths, *karendianne.

  28. I hope your wrist if feeling better Valentina. The little poem made me laugh out loud!!! Congratulations on your klosjes total, your new ones are gorgeous :D


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