Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One Flower Wednesday-reporting: 2nd week of May

Hello my Lovelies!
Hoping you are having a wonderful week. These are the first of the roses from my MIL cottage garden... How I wish I could share their perfume with you...

I am in the midst of a swirl of classes, workshops, tummy-aches and planning a birthday party this coming saturday for 40 3-4 year olds! It's our Big Boy #1's 4th birthday and we decided to include Big-Boy #2 in the festivities, even though his b-day is 4 months away... But they are excited and chose their own cakes and have been helping Mama out with the party favours... :)

So here is a quick Hexi-flower report since I have noticed that the crazier my life the more I need to stitch something in the evenings in order to unwind...

So here we have 2 "Al Fresco" and my first ever Fussy Cut hexies, after being severely smitten by some of your gorgeous specimens... I had some non-quilting Provencal material and I hope to make a nice summer cushion with them.

Have a lovely rest of the week and I will be visiting your gardens after the craziness is under control,

Thinking of you!


  1. The roses are just gorgeous and I think I can smell them from here!!!
    I just LOVE the "al fresco' hexies you two are doing. The colors are wonderful, they look very patriotic to me being that they are the colors of the US flag! Also the fussy cut flowers are very nice. They will make a great summer cushion! How fun!!!

  2. OH, MY ! such gorgeous roses... and such lovely hexies, too ;>) LOVE, LOVE both styles ! You're a champ', sweet friend ...
    Hmmmm, I can imagine how excited and happy the little princes must feel, right now ;>)

  3. The craziness is worth the effort when your children remember 20 years later. Or find a photo of a special b'day. Enjoy as much as possiable.
    Flowers are beautiful real and stitched.
    Happy Day to all.

  4. Valentina, het mag in het Nederlands he.....wat een prachtig boeket heb je daar staan! wat zijn je gele hexjes bijzonder geworden!

    groetjes, jeannet

  5. Wat een leuke hexabloemetjes,vooral die provencaalse.

  6. First I want to compliment you with your beautiful photo's. And ofcourse the roses from your garden. Mine are not even making buds I think. And your blue and red hexagons are great.

  7. The roses are lovely, but I love the flowers you've made on the far right!

  8. OMG!! What a gorgeous roses!!! Must smell sooo nice! Your boys will enjoy the b-party for years to come! This kind of craziness always rewards you with lots of love. Oef those Provence flowers, hihi, will see them in real life soon!
    Hope you can have a peaceful Ascencion day!!
    Hugs, Daniëlle

  9. Wish you a lot of fun with the party! Love your hexieflowers! So special!

  10. These are just YUMMY! and what a nice shot too! Where on earth do you find the time to make all these beautiful things AND be a perfect mum at the same time!
    Thank you for commenting on my blog - it sure makes it more lively ;-)

    Enjoy the birthday party to the fullest and take care

    Ps Last week I sent you an e-mail by clicking on your card, but it bounced and was returned today!

  11. Your roses look lovely. I think your fussy cut hexies are just great. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.

  12. Beautiful roses and hexie flowers Valentina. Enjoy your little chaps birthdays and hope they are feeling better now.
    Love Shirley.x

  13. Het word een heerlijk on Nederlands boeket ,deze kleurtjes zie je hier niet,de warmte spat eraf,groetjes Bep

  14. What beautiful roses Valentina, wow they are lovely! Your hexagons are charming and such nice bright fabrics. Have a wonderful birthday party and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to BOTH your boys!! They will have the most wonderful day, I can just hear the excitement. Ann xx

  15. Beautiful roses Valentina! I think I can smell them all the way here. That sure sounds like some birthday party you are planning! Love your hexagon flowers, excellent fussy cutting!!

  16. Valentina , love your flowers , it was worth the fussy cutting and I also love the flowers with different fabrics in each petal , sweet .

  17. Beautiful fussy cut hexies!!!

    I love those roses! Gorgeous!!

    Good luck with the birthday party! Have lots of fun!

  18. Happy Birthday to son #1 and I hope the party goes well on Saturday. Those roses are gorgeous I can smell them from here. Love the hexies - Hugs Nat

  19. Your roses are so beautiful! The just scream frangrance to me all the way across the Atlantic! :)
    SO timeless. The photos is gorgeous.
    Happy,Happy Day to your son(s)! Such FUN!I can hear the giggles and "oh mama, thank you!"'s all the way here! :)
    I adore your flowers and the fussy cut it great! Enjoy your Spring! XO

  20. You are very brave putting on a party for that many, I suppose there will be lots of help though. Happy birthday to your boys. I loved seeing the pretty flowers, the real ones and the hexes.

  21. Happy Birthday to the boys!! Hope you will have a lovely party, with lots of fun and laughter!!
    So great to see the excitement on those lovely faces! Whishing you all a day with lots of love!
    Thanks for seeing your beautiful roses and hexagon-flowers! You have a great choice of colours!!! They are real cuties!
    Enjoy your week!

  22. Gorgeous roses! I love roses.
    Pretty fabric flowers ... your fussy cut hexies are especially nice, well done.
    Happy party time.

  23. Love your fussy cutting, those flowers look fabulous. No roses blooming here in the UK yet, yours are gorgeous though. Happy Birthday to your no.1 son for Saturday.

  24. O, two of my favorit things. Roses (i'm planting all kinds of roses in my garden) and hexaflowers.
    Both are lovely! I hope you can keep your sanity at the birthday party! 40 little boy's, that will be a party! Maybe a hexa flower close by to stitch a stitch?..

  25. I love your fussy cut flowers!!!! Well done Valentina. Your MIL's roses are beautiful and I am imagining the beautiful aroma from here is Aus.

    Have a wonderful birthday day with your darlings and I think you will sleep very well that night!

  26. Those roses are stunning. Your fussy-cut hexie flowers are fabulous!

  27. Ooooooooooooh!! Beautiful roses, lovely hexies and oh do I know what you mean about the more hectic life is the more we need to unwind with some stitchery or woolly therapy! Good luck with the party, sounds like its going to be fun!

    Sending love

    ps - did it arrive yet? Im itching to know that it reached you safely.

  28. Wat een prachtig boeket, je hexjes zijn ook mooi. Leuke stof heb je gebruikt. Gefeliciteerd met je grote zoon's verjaardag. En een leuk feest toegewenst. ( wat is dat lekker dat ik in het Nederlands kan schrijven)

  29. What a beautifull roses, I love them very much. Your hexagons are also very beautifull.

  30. Beauties! I love how the petals are different!
    Very cute!

  31. Gorgeous roses and hexagons too! Like those fussy cuts! I simply can't imagine what it will be like to have a party for 40 3-year olds. You are a brave soul!

  32. What beautiful are so lucky to have your mother in law share with you. I love the fabric of your hexagons. Have a wonderful weekend.

  33. So lovely! Clever girl!
    Happy birthday little man, hope you have a fabulous time on your special day.Love from England.

  34. Hoi Valentina,

    ik wilde je even vertellen dat het altijd een feestje is om hier te komen kijken. Je blog is een aanwinst voor Weblogland! Altijd gezellig met prachtige foto's en enorm gastvrij!

  35. Lovely visiting your blog again. You make so many wonderful things and you do a wonderful job presenting us your hexi-flowers!

  36. Happy Birthday wishes to your little ones.... I hope you survive the party! LOL Gorgeous roses & love those fussy cut hexies, that fabric is perfect. My first roses are just coming into bloom & the scent is heavenly.....
    Have a great week. xox

  37. Fussy Cut is Fussy Cute! Dang friend. Love these. Wow!!!


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