Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Month of May: Strawberry Fields and Klosjes

I think it impossible for me not to be passionate about May.
I was an ardent Candy Candy fan growing up, the japanese anime orphan who decides her birthday will be celebrated in May, because if one should have a choice it had to be the month of flowers... Terry was my first love and heartbreak! Terry!!! (of course all this pre-teen melodrama happening in Spanish...)
Well, I also loved Heidi, another freckled orphan... :) Oh, the things that mold us...

Today, the 2nd of May is my BFF from high-school's b-day : Through thick and thin, Mari! Pabien! The things we haven't dreamt up and gone through together... I love you!

I became an aunt for the first time in a Dutch Springy May. I was so blessed to be in the delivery-room and be completely swept off my feet by this lovely Being making her grand entrance into this world... It is one of the greatest gifts my sister ever gave me and I am not sure she even realizes it. :)

And May of 2006, when my life was turned upside down and inside out by 2 phone-calls: We met the birthparents of our youngest, and in the next few days, as we were waiting for their reply, we received another call from social services and became parents 2 days later: being there as he was born, being blessed by being able to bond with him. The nurses decided that I should stay the night and stowed me away and so I could feed him, change him and bathe him. This helped me feel confident enough to take him home in less than 24 hours. 4 months later we became parents for the second time and our Fantastic Four was complete!

Oh, the month of May! 'May' this be blessed a One!

My mother in law's rose garden will soon be in bloom and she will start distilling her own rose-water... Ohh! That's a nice idea for a give-away...

Ok... For of those of you that just skipped to the pictures: I have Klosjes to report! Reaching 200 was a great incentive to keep going. I am still aiming at 500 plus since I want a quilt to crawl under... My Klosjes are 2 1/4" finished size, so maybe 500 will not be enough... We'll see.

First off: I stitched all day yesterday because I really wanted to show you these:

These are the V&A commemorative fabrics. The prints are so bold and dynamic, I hope my pictures do them justice.

And here are some more Blues +

I love these Prairie Paisley ones:

Last week I joined Lori in her Strawberry Fields Quiltalong (Thank you, Kathie for pointing us in the right direction! xox)

I have to tell you these little blocks came together like a dream...
Yes, look at that V&A fabric! swoooon...

Thank you, Lori! I am learning so much and this little beauty is bringing me one mini closer to my 2010 goal of having a miniature wall!

I hope you are all enjoying your stitching this weekend.

yours truly,


  1. Well, the spool blocks and the SF blocks are terrific! What wonderful fabric to use!! BUT, your May stories are so warming! A great way to start my day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello,yes May is a wonderful time full of flowers. I love them too. Here it is the best time before we really get into summer. The spools are awesome out of that fabric and the blocks really sizzle.. Love your blog too if I've never told you..

  3. Dear Valentina, I was an adopted infant, and my oldest, beloved, grandaughter was adopted also. There is a huge happy place in my heart from reading your glowing tale of becoming an Aunt, and Mama. Love, Michele

  4. Love your May Story, thanks for sharing.
    I have not yet startet Lori's Quiltalong, you already made many beautiful blocks !

  5. Sweet stories, sweetly told! You have a way to bring a smile on my lips - thank you!
    Btw I like the "fullness" of your klosjes and since I am considering doing some myself I wanted to ask what are your proportions.

  6. The month of May is really your treasures month, isn't it ? ;>)
    And you stitched such gorgeous treasures, as well, this week...You're on a roll with your klosjes,Vali, and they look terrific!
    I'm experiencing one of those standby stage with my klosjes, so I'm patiently waiting until my klosjes mojo gets back (which will be very soon, hopefully ;>)
    THANKS for this lovely post AND for the constant inspiration, sweet friend !

  7. Beautifull klosjes you made. I love the V&A fabrics. And the others blocks you made are also very beautifull.

  8. Heb je in 1 dag 37 klosjes gemaakt?! En nog zulke mooie ook! Jij had er zin in! En inderdaad: de maand mei is sowieso al een mooie maand (hoewel het weer hier in Nl niet zo geweldig is, maar dat maak je nu zelf mee, als ik het goed lees), maar ook nog de maand waarin je voor de 1e keer moeder en tante werd. Prachtig verhaal. Geniet van je nichtje! En felicitaties voor je zus.

  9. Euhh what should one write after reading and looking at your post pffff, euhhhh, absolutely baffled by your klosjes and miniblocks, the fabrics you use ....ok, I'm fine now: Your post is a feast for one's eyes!! And of course for the soul, enjoy your evening, happy sewing, XXXD

  10. You have been a busy girl, what lovely work.

  11. Thank you for pointing out the Strawberry fields quilt. I am a follower of that blog, but hadn't seen that one yet. I haven't gotten to her blog yet!

  12. Sounds like you are feeling a bit better Valentina, you have worked hard this week. May has started very cold here in England. Brr!. Your children are very lucky to have you as their mummy. You are a special person.

  13. Wow do you ever get a lot done!!! I love your strawberry fields blocks so far - I'm resisting that one so far. I sure like your Prairie Paisley spools - maybe that's what I should do with my little stash of it. The V@A fabrics are really interesting.

  14. Thank you for sharing your beautiful month of May. Nothing is more precious than the gift of a child.

    Your spools are looking fantastic, as usual, but the V & A fabrics are stunning and steal the show. Your SF blocks are looking great too. A very productive week for you Valentina

  15. I love the fabrics you're using for your Klosjes!
    Your Strawberry Fields blocks are so cute too!
    I enjoy your blog...and had a nice visit. I hope you're feeling better? :)

  16. Ah Valentina
    Skip your story telling not likely. Warm and touching.
    Klosjes galore and minis. You must be bettter. Hope so.
    Happy Stitching Terry

  17. Val, thanks for including me and remembering me on my birthday! I am so proud of you. You moved me to tears. And as always... you are an inspiration. OMG. This is awesome.

  18. Gorgeous klosjes you made in blue. SF mini quilt will be fun to make, but I can't take one more thing on :( Enjoy - Hugs Nat

  19. beautiful post V!

  20. What lovely May stories you have, I enjoyed hearing them, no wonder it's such a special month for you. I love all your blocks, they look so wonderful too with the V&A fabrics as well as with your other treasured pieces.

  21. Dear Friend, your are just amazing! I love your story; they give such an insight in your heart.
    You're just such a loving person!!
    Thanks for sharing this with us! It really warms my heart....... :)
    Love your klosjes and your beautiful fabric!
    And I'm very curious if your package has arrived already from England......... ????
    A big hug, Ria.

  22. Schitterende kleuren en heel bijzondere patroontjes op de stoffen. Ik heb de website gelijk op geslagen zodat ik er later nog eens naar kan kijken. Wat heb je er veel gemaakt! Mooi om je verhalen te lezen. Ik kan me nu voorstellen dat de meimaand heel veel gevoel losmaakt.

  23. You are such an inspiration to me personally and I know to many others. Love this Klosjes. You are amazing!!

  24. Such fun klosjes and blocks. I LOVE the fabric!

  25. Hello Valentina & thank you for your lovely comments. I was really touched by your May story & understand why it is such a significant month in your life. Your V & A, as well as the blue klosjes are lovely & the Strawberry Fields blocks look fabulous! Please don't tempt me anymore.....I've just joined the One Flower Wednesday today & am having fun. :)

  26. Valentina, Valentina, Valentina! I love every single one of those Klosjes - lovely - and my friend your Strawberry Fields blocks are perfect. Absolutely.

  27. Hello Valentina! Your klosjes (and your other creations), made of the V&A-fabrics, are really georgeous! So nice of you, your lovely comment, at my - still very young - weblog: many, many thanks. Veel groetjes,


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