Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wow... Amazing quilts and lovely new friends being made...

Hello My Lovelies,
I must confess that I have not stitched at all this weekend.
Ok, does 1 and a half Klosje count?

I have had a very busy week at work, and this weekend I have been enjoying my family and touring the wonderful exhibit of quilts hosted by Amy. Have you?

I have come across such beautiful quilts and I have laughed, cried, been challenged and certainly have felt supremely humbled and inspired.
The Blogger's Quilt Festival runs until Friday, so you still have time to join with your own quilt, or visit the hundreds of quilts on display, including mine presented in the previous post.

I have also met some amazing people in the process. Here are just a few:

I have taken a pledge: To discuss and be open about the whole process of creating and constructing a quilt. This Transparency can be very liberating and extremely creatively constructive. Blogging can be such an amazing tool to encourage and support us in mastering and promoting our craft and I was delighted when I found Rossie echoing those same feelings and challenging us to do something about it. She refers to an article written by Cheryl who very eloquently expresses something I have been feeling for a while now ( and have had a chance to discuss with some of you in our personal mail). I highly recommend you take the time to read Cheryl's observations.


I, _Valentina_, pledge to talk more about my processes, even when I can’t quite put them into words or be sure I’m being totally clear. I’m going to put my thinking and my gut feelings out there.
I also joined a Hexies group.
Yep, another one... and this one is sheer self-indulgence!
So here it goes: in the name of transparency in process:
As I have been making Spotty Dotty Hexi-flowers and My "Al Fresco" Hexies, I have been secretly putting aside hexies for a 'someday' Charm quilt.
In comes the lovely Melanie, Ms texasfreckles, herself! I luv that name! :) ...anyway, Melanie proposes a Hexagon Charm Quilt Piece-Along... How could I resist, please, I am only human! :)

And since we are confessing: I have also joined Jossie from Cybele's patch in making a small Dollie-quilt version of her clamshells quilt.
I really want to practice Applique, like some of you already know, so I thought this is the perfect opportunity for me.

Please, don't judge me for filling my plate up so high at the buffet table... I know I cannot do it all. But I have also seen the power of encouragement. And I have enjoyed knowing that I am working alongside you to achieve a common goal. So I will continue to do my best and enjoy myself while doing it.
Life is serious and challenging enough as it is...

Therefore, I have also pledged to make 2 baby-quilts for Shruti.
Shruti is requesting help to make baby quilts for an orphanage of new-borns in India. She can use anything you can provide, from UFO-blocks, to extra pieces of batting and binding. I am sure I am not the only one with fabric in my stash that no longer makes my heart sing... So I have enlisted my boys' help to me make a quilt 'for the little babies'.

Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend, and I will go and visit some more quilts!
See you soon!

ps these are some more Roses I wanted to share with you from my MIL cottage garden.


  1. Your MIL roses are beautiful! Valentina, what size clamshells are you making? I am going to join in too and I have 3 inch wide shell papers. I have tried to do them in the past and have failed miserably so I am really looking forward to learning how to do them properly.

  2. Hey Valentin, I'm glad to hear you are enjoying BQF and be part of it this year. Yes, fill that plate as high as you like. It's a plate of knowledge and I might even join you on the hexie charm quilt because I have lotta them too - Lovly roses featuring here. Have a lovely week - Hugs Nat

  3. Hihihi, you are 1 hungry woman!! Just enjoy the things on your plate every day and all will work out fine!! Love the roses, thanks for the pictures!! Knuffel, Daniëlle XXXD

  4. Thanks a lot Valentin... It really made my day!!! :)

  5. I'm just off to check out the new charm hexie group. Sounds just my cup of tea! :D

  6. Saludos desde Quito, Ecuador. This is the second time I've landed on your blog, not only to look again at your the quilt you posted for the BQF and to read its story again, but to spend some time just browsing around and getting to know you. And I just wanted to tell you that your positive spirit touches a chord with me and really shines through in what you write about. Thank you for being open and for sharing so candidly. This is the therapeutic aspect of quilt-making: the building of friendships and of communities. Hopefully in this way we contribute a little grain of sand to building a better world. Once again, "saludos" from another citizen of the world enjoying the gracious life in Quito, Ecuador!

  7. Hi Valentina,

    YES 1,5 Klosje definately do count :-)
    Enjoy everything on your plate bite by bite - it is a never ending journey

  8. WOW indeed!!
    Your one busy special woman. Thinking about the things you want to work on, and at the same time think about things that are needed. And not stop at the thinking part, but act on it too. Hope you can manage everything you want to do.

  9. I'm off to read the things you suggested. I don't know how you do it, but you sure do encourage me by all the things you do! :)
    GORGEOUS roses.

  10. What more can I say than that you are a girl full of energy and power. You can do it I am sure!

  11. Valentina
    Thanks for the links and the thoughts.
    Enjoy the buffet.
    Glad you posted the roses before the dry.
    Have a happy stitching week.

  12. Pile your plate high and enjoy!!!! :)

  13. dearest valentina, you are such a busy woman, how can you do all this inone day ? and how do you manage to have such beautiful flowers ? wanted to drop by and say hi, hoping all is well with you. i am doing a special giveaway, if you wish to join in the fun, you are most welcome :)
    sending you many hugs, ( to Penny and Clara too ! )
    monique xoxoxo

  14. Hallo Valentina: je hebt het erg druk gehad de afgelopen weken. Maar heb je dit ook gezien?

  15. Wow...such a full plate. But what fun! Thanks for sharing and can't wait to hear your words of advice and encouragement. Blessings, Patty

  16. Dear Valentina,
    The journey, not the arrival matters... (Leonard Woolf)


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