Monday, May 17, 2010


First of all: Thank you!
I cannot believe the encouragement I got from you through your comments, emails and birthday wishes. I am a lucky girl to have such good friends like you. I was overwhelmed by your cheering me on and believing that even though it was a nutty thing I was doing, that it would be worth it in the end! And you were right!!!
The birthday party was a success and I did not lose my cool or transform into
Godzilla-mama, but actually enjoyed myself to no end. The boys were over the moon and the food... WOW!
Thank you, guys... I mean it. Thank you for being there for me, so I could make beautiful memories for us as a Family.

The cakes...

The munchies...

the hush of approval... You know they are enjoying their food when they are sooo quiet...

On Sunday we went into the mountains to unwind and see Grandmother's roses before they were gone.

We have been feeling the heat this past week and the roses are quickly reaching their end.

The boys got to enjoy their new wheels, and I got to spend some time stitching and taking pictures.

The party favours: The Boys chose the giant sunflower seeds themselves and 'helped' me to put them together. We even got to plant them with Grandma's help...

And when all was said and done, I had to get back to stitching...

It's therapy, it's celebration, it's my way to unwind... and besides I have two weeks worth of Klosjes to report: 37!

This is another family heirloom: My mother-in-law remembers this table cloth being woven at home by her grandmother. It's all vegetable dyed and the colours are so very vibrant.

I will share the rest of the roses next wednesday.

Thank you for sharing this whole wonderful mad adventure with me, and now I hope to go and enjoy what you all have been up to. I am also really excited to get back into the sewing room and finishing some projects that have been patiently waiting their turn.




  1. Nog een hele goede verjaardag voor beide jongens en petje af dat je dat gewoon gedaan hebt! Fantastisch. Het het ziet ernaar uit dat ze een fantastisch feest hebben gehad! En heerlijk, hè, om dan tot rust te komen met een paar klosjes. Wat een geweldige hoeveelheid voedsel: maarja: 40 kimderen, zeg! En wat een geweldige taart! geniet van de herinneringen! En de zonnebloemen! :-)

  2. Love your beautiful pictures! It sure was a great birthday-party!! They all have lots of fun!
    Beautiful klosjes and your family-heirloom is just lovely!

  3. You are one lovely crazy mummy. The children look like they are having a fantastic time and as you say if they are all sat down eating then you know all is well. Well done on the klosjes. Where did you find time to make 37 - wow.
    Love Shirley.

  4. What a great party! The children look so happy and the food absolutely scrumptious!
    Made my mouth water!! ;o)
    Beautiful klosjes, too!
    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely pics!

  5. I can feel the FUN from your photos!~So happy you were able to ENJOY also. Your food looks so yummy! I can see the thought and preparation that went into it. Such nice memories the boys will always have... I think I SPY Peonies in grandma's garden! The tablecloth is such a great family heirloom. Thank you for sharing...
    Now to watch the sunflowers grow... :)

  6. Hi Valentina,

    what a lovely party you organized for your boys - everybody was having lots of fun, one can tell!

    I love your new klosjes in spicy colours and I ADORE the old table cloth - a treasure.

    See u soon!

  7. I am so glad you had such a good time! They will always remember! And the food looks so mmh!! Understand what you mean with unwind,its a great way and wow so productiv, well done.... Love your klosjes!
    Have a great time!
    perhaps you want to join the giveaway over at my blog..

  8. HURRAY ! I just knew that this wonderful event would be memorable ! ;>)
    Thank YOU, dear Vali, for your enthusiasm and for sharing this with us...
    And now, my friend, ENJOY YOUR SEWING to the most !!!

  9. Lightening Mc from a Queen Mother Valintina. Perfect. Since I havn't had brekie yet the double choclate brownies have made my mouth water.
    Klosjies and roses as well you truly are special.
    Enjoy your week and the stitching

  10. Looks like a really wonderful time was had by everyone and what a great venue to have a party at! I am glad you not only survived but had a wonderful time too.

    I love your garden photos and that rose is divine, do you know the name of it?

    I can't believe how many Klosjes you have done with the busy couple of weeks you have had. They all look gorgeous!!!!!

  11. That really looks like a fun party. Everything was so colorful including the yummie food and the birthday cake. Love the color of your klosjes too. After I completed my 25 klosjes for my mini quilt, I have not yet to start anymore. So much to stitch with little time - I'm happy and that what I'm aiming for - Enjoy the rest of your week - Hugs Nat

  12. You've made some lovely memories for the children too. What a big success, the games, food, cakes and fun. That's the sort of party that I would have loved as a child. Three cheers for you! The rose is a gorgeous colour, great klosjes and what a special cloth to have.

  13. Sounds like all was a success. Love your Klosjes. Your colors are so pretty. I am glad I am making them too. They are relaxing to work on. Love the rose!!! They are my favorite flower.

  14. As usual you amaze me! It looks like your boys AND you had a great time. The tablecloth is truly special, utterly gorgeous. Can't imagine how wonderful it must be to just touch it!

  15. How lovely to have an heirloom table cloth and I am so pleased you are not afraid to use it :)
    ...don't suppose there are any of those brownies left?.....

  16. Wat een mooie klosjes heb je gemaakt en wat een verjaardag heb je gehad met veel verwennerij en lekkers. Geniet nog maar een beetje na want dat is wel nodig als ik het zo zie.

  17. Super to hear it was a party to remember! And the cake and food looks jummy. And always good after such a high to get down on earth. I just love the rose. it's perfect. And the klosjes got to me too.. Had to make them ;-)

  18. I see you are going to be doing Lynette Anderson's Bom.Me too! This looks lovely.I work at a quilt shop called The Country Yard and we are only 1 of 2 New Zealand stores doing this.Because Lynette does such lovely work, her patterns always sell like hot cakes.

  19. The tablecloth is wonderful -- and it's fabulous that you are using it!
    Your Klosjes look super!

  20. Such a yummy party Valentina! What a beautiful rose and a great bunch of klosjes!

  21. Thanks for your welcome. I see some lovely flowers overhere. Very inspiring! Kind regards from the Netherlands.

  22. What a feast you set out. I'm sure it was a wonderful party.
    Beautiful flowers and beautiful klosjes.

  23. What a wonderful blog post and party and photos and YOU and everything!!!!
    Love love love it all and you!!

    The tablecloth! Wow!!!!
    Hurrying past and wishing to stay :-)

  24. Wat leuk dat je mijn blog hebt bezocht. Ik heb ook even bij jou rondgekeken, maar daar wil ik wat meer tijd voor nemen. Nog gefeliciteerd met de verjaardagen. Het ziet er allemaal erg gezellig en lekker uit.
    En je krijgt de groeten terug van mijn "prinsje", hij is er maar reuzetrots op dat helemaal op Cyprus iemand naar hem gekeken heeft. Zelf is hij een Spanjaard, maar zijn zusje is Grieks (Rhodos).
    Fijne dag nog en tot wednesday,

  25. The party looks like a huge hit!! Love the table cloth too.:)

  26. Zo zeg, dat liep even gesmeerd!! Maar ja wat wil je ook met zo'n voorbereiding!! Prachtig verhaal van het tafelkleed, dat het maar heeeel langzaam slijten mag! Schattige klosjes heb je er weer bij!! Hmmmmmm schitterende roos!! Geniet van de dag, liefs, Daniëlle


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