Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Clara and Penny arrived just in time for Tea on One Flower Wednesday

Imagine my delight in getting to know the Girls over tea this afternoon. Let me introduce you to Clara and Penny of the Muffinpies of Quebec. They are the creations of my friend Monique over at Blueberries in the Fields. Isn't she incredibly talented?

Monique, they told me all about their trip and the hideous volcano delays. But they seem to be settling in nicely and were all excited when we started discussing a new summer wardrobe and started tossing ideas around for their quilts.

Between this and that we made 2 new Flowers. These are for my "Hexies al Fresco" quilts that I hope will go for my boys. I have been collecting and sharing fabric with Nadine for this for a while.

I was also inspired by Danielle's hexi-pincushion and started making one... Oh how fun, Daantje! A girl needs a hexi-pincushion as she is working on her hexies, niet waar? I am hoping to have it done soon. Thank you for sharing the pattern with us! You are a Doll! :)

And look at this lovely crocheted piece. Cyprus is very well known for its lace and I hope to share some of it with you, in due time. This piece was made by my Mother in Law's grandmother and it makes tea-time so much sweeter...

Hoping your week is going well. Mine is too, despite having had a nasty stomach flu visit our household. The News has called it an epidemic, we call it a break from the routine!

With much Love,


  1. Wat een leuke poppen,en een mooi speldenkussen.

  2. Clara and Penny are adorable!! Your flowers are fabulous!
    I love lace like that! When I could still crochet, making lace table cloths and things along that line was my favourite thing to do. That is beautiful. Hope you share more!

  3. And when exactly are you going to formally introduce me to Clara and Penny?

  4. Hihi, you're quite welcome!!! Love the colours you use, it is such fun to know you've made one also!! What a gorgeous lace your MIL made!!! She must have an enormous amount of patience! Have fun sewing your hexagons!! Hugs, Daniëlle

  5. Clara & Penny are so precious! I will have to go visit Blueberries In The Fields....
    Danielle's pincushion pattern is working up great! Very lovely. Your flowers are beautiful, as always. I take it you have constant flowers in Cyprus? So lovley. oooohhhhh you lace is exquisite and then to know that it's a family piece makes it priceless. So detailed. I can't wait to learn more about Cyprus lace... :)

  6. Wow! That piece of lace is so gorgious! You MIL's grandmother was a real talented woman!
    Love your hexagons! You used lovely fabrics to do them! Enjoy your week, the pretty, little ladies and have a lovely and very exciting (!) Mothersday! Love, Ria.

  7. Those little girls are really lovely, so much character and detail, I must check out the link and discover more!
    The hexi pin cushion is rather sweet, I find myself suddenley needing one rather urgently!! :D
    Another lovely post, thank you for sharing your gorgeous pics.

    Julia x

  8. Love that pincushion thingie. I learned bobbin lace making from an old Belgian woman years ago. I never kept with it, but I certainly developed an appreciation for the skill and time involved. It's a real treasure!

  9. What darling little faces they have XX

  10. oh, Valentina, your post is so lovely and what great photoshoot ! I see my girls are quite happy in their new house with their new mommy :) Looks like they are going to spend some great moments with you. i love your flowers, i can almost smell them. Wish i were there with you too !
    sending you much love, give a kissie to penny and clara ♥

  11. What a fun day you have had with your girls. I am sure they have enjoyed the show and tell as much as we have. Love the lace edging. Beautiful.

  12. Those dolls are adorable and your hexie flowers are lovely. I love the fabrics.

  13. Clara & Penny are gorgeous! What fun to have them over for tea. I love their facial impression. The hexi pincushion is such delight. Hugs Nat

  14. So sweet! Tea for three! They are lovely and I'm liking Hexies al Fresco and the pincushion is great!

  15. Valentina, your Girls are so cute, what a lovely gift. Your hexagon pincushion is wonderful as is your lace, old lace especially is simply beautiful. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  16. Welcome to Blogland Clara and Penny! Your hexies are looking gorgeous and that lace!!!!! How precious it is. Such a beautiful piece of family history.

  17. I love those aqua and red hexagon flowers!

  18. Love your hexies Valentina, and your doll...she is really very, very nice! I have made the pincushing also.

    greetings, jeannet

  19. I love your dolls they look so colourful in the garde...and your flowers look so cheerful. The lace is SO special!!

  20. Cuties, cuties, all over your post ! I bet these girls will soon get LOTS of bed quilts ;>)
    As to your hexies.... OF COURSE I'm in love with them, too... Such a good idea of mixing all fabrics in one flower ! You always amaze me with new possibilities. Sorry, my friend, but I'm gonna copy-cat you, HeeHee...
    As to the LOVELY pincushion : I already placed a "special order". HA!
    Please tell Yaya that I'll visit her "treasures box" on my next visit. That lace is to die for!
    Now, as it's tea time, let me have a nice cuppa' with you. I've got a ot to tell.........

  21. wonderful dolls and beautiful flowers Valentina.

  22. Wow!!! That crocheted edge is amazing! What a treasure you have there!
    Love your hexies and that pin cushion is gorgeous. I think I should make one too!!
    All the dolls are adorable! I'm glad they arrived safely!
    I hope that stomach flu leaves your home soon.

  23. How nice to have guests for afternoon tea.
    We all owe a debt of thanks to the women who came before for preserving their skills and handing them down. The lace is beautiful.

    Cute hexies. What size are your papers?
    Happy Stitching

  24. Love the lace. Some of these skills are dying and its lovely to see hand tatting. Great hexi pin cushion.

  25. Ha Valentina, I love your hexies, I also made a pincushion. I learned it from Daniëlle. How is it possible you speak Dutch??? Your comments on my blog are in Dutch.

  26. The girls look happy amongst the flowers in your beautiful garden Valentina. I planted some Lobelia today & thought of you :) I love that hexi-pincushion colour combination, give me blue, white & red any day.....might just have to make one of these too!

  27. They are so lovely, with so sweet faces! And I love your hexagonflowers. Bright and fresh colours!
    Great to get to know you.
    Hugs Martina

  28. Hi Valentina,
    finally someone from this part of the world.
    Your girls are adorable, and that pincushion is the first on my "to do" list.
    And yes, I made my first klosje yesterday , two more are cut and wait for sewing later today.I'm afraid I'll become adicted.

  29. I hope this will get through. Love your blog and had a wonderful time in class with you yesterday. I really enjoy your teaching and we made the cutest little baby quilt!! Have a good weekend and see you again soon.
    Love Irene

  30. Hai Valentina,
    Thank you for your comment! Of kan ik in het NL tegen je praten??? Jouw bloemen mogen er ook zijn! Your flowers are wonderfull! I like to follow your blog.

  31. So nice to meet the sweet Clara and Penny! I imagine their travels were quite an adventure with the Volcano and everything. Wow!!! Thank you for introducing us. Oh and my friend, a Hexi pincushion? I had no idea and I'm thinking that must be so cute but I can't look, peek or anything of the sort else I'll stop the focus on whatever it is that I was focused on. (see, already I am losing it...) *wink*

  32. Good morning Valentina,
    My friend Sandra mentioned that you live in Cyprus. My husband and I were just there to visit my son who lives in Finikaria. I love your island, we were there for 5 days and visited all over the island, even up north (Kyrenia). Great to meet someone else who lives over there! I do quilting and genealogy so see we have something in common! Sue in Georgia, USA

  33. Your fabrics are so fresh and pretty. And I love the way you photograph them.


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