Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

For all of you that know how to Nurture, Love, and Care...

For all of you that empty yourselves and give in abundance... And understand the meaning of 'being there no matter what' and 'no matter how long it takes'...

For all of you who know the power of a smile, a touch, an encouraging word, when to hold on a little longer, and when to let go...

whether you have kids, whether you care for someone else's, whether you are a Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, Godmother, Teacher, older sister, Care provider, Mama to your four-legged babies...

Happy Mother's day...

and now let's get Real: No one says it quite like Animal!
... and may you get spoiled like Miss Piggy!


  1. Goedemorgen Valentina,heb je prachtig gezegd,had ik maar zulke mooie woorden tot mijn beschikking enne die natuut bij jouw lokt wel bij mij,fijne dag, Bep

  2. A great way of saying Happy Mothers Day in a way which has greater meaning to those of us who have seen both sides. May you also have a blessed mothers day!
    Love & Hugs, Sharm

  3. Beautifully said Valentina, Happy Mother's Day to you sweetheart, may you have a wonderful day! Ann

  4. A happy day to you, lovely Valentina! here in England, we celebrated Mothers day in March, but we will still be having a big family lunch today, to celebrate my Husbands birthday.
    love Kath

  5. Happy Mother's Day dear Valetina.
    And enjoy it every single day

  6. I had a lovely day even though my family is in another country, I thought of them. I hope your day is as wonderful.

  7. What beautiful words Valentina. Happy Mother's Day to you too. Hope you get breakfast in bed, lots of chocolate and no cooking dinner tonight!

  8. Whishing you a beautiful Mothersday as well!! Thanks for the Animal-laugh!!

  9. Lovely sentiments Valentina, Love that waterfall.

  10. Ook een goede moederdag voor jou! Leuke knutsels gekregen? En dikke zoenen? :-)

  11. Happy Mother's Day to you too! Thanks for the video link; I love the Muppets and Animal is my favorite Muppet!

  12. Your words are so beautiful today and had me almost in tears and then you make me smile so!, all in one post! :) lOVELY PHOTOS!
    Happy Mother's DaY! oxxo

  13. Have as wonderful a day as you and Animal have wished us all.
    I lunched with my Mom and was grateful to have the opportunity.
    Happy Stitching for the week.
    Huggs Terry

  14. You've said it all, yesterday that is hihi! How was your day after? Thanks for Animal hihi! Till next time, hugs, Daniëlle

  15. Beautiful pictures and words -- hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

  16. Hallo Valentina,

    What lovely photo's (Troodos, right?) and nice words. My first mothersday without kids to hug and spoil me was a bit odd and you made me feel a lot better. Miss Piggy made me smile :-)

    En uhhhhh....I confess I am an addicted klosser now:

    See you soon!


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